WeSignature – An Improvement On the e-Sign Platform

The world seems to be moving faster every day. We don’t have time anymore to deliver a contract, get it signed, get a check, deposit it, and wait three days for the check to clear.

Even with e-signed documents, there’s still a payment that needs to be handled by a different system.

At WeSignature, we’ve taken a lot of great ideas and made them better.

We created our new service so it’s simple for anyone to get online documents signed and paid!

  • E-signing – Get your clients’ and participants’ signatures quickly online. These signatures are legally binding and are stored digitally. Not only are there no paper copies to keep track of, but you can easily retrieve and distribute them.
  • Constant Updates – As each party signs their contract or bill, their signatures will show on the document online. If you’re not sure is someone signed the document, you can look at the original.
  • Email Notifications – Each new signature or change can be sent directly to your inbox. You’ll see everything in real time by looking viewing the dashboard or at your email. Depending on how you have your phone or computer set up, it will pop up right in front of you.
  • Amazing Customer Service – Our team is here to make sure that WeSignature works perfectly for you. If you have questions or problems, our team is available to help.
  • Built-in Payment – This is the thing that makes WeSignature unique – You receive payments and signatures through a single platform. We’ll look at this feature in more detail in a moment.
  • FREE – Most of the competition will charge you, even if you only have one document to sign. At WeSignature, we think you should be able to try it before you buy it. We offer a free account so you can get documents signed while giving it a spin. All of our packages are reasonably priced.
  • Secure – Our SSL encryption is state-of-the-art. We maintain the highest levels of security, and our team is constantly monitoring for ways to make it even more secure.
  • Easy to use – You can create and upload a document, send it to your signatory, and all they have to do is click a link. All of the documents are saved and managed in a secure cloud.
  • Audit Trails and Storage – Every action, every step is documented. You can see an audit trail with independent timestamps. We’ll also store all of your documents in our cloud, so they’re here and secure whenever you need them.

In-Document Payment

In most cases, when someone signs a contract, then they need to pay for the good or service.

This can create a logistical nightmare. If the payment isn’t clearly marked to identify as being associated with a specific contract, the accounting department might struggle to close outstanding invoices and authorize the release of goods and services.

Using WeSignature, you can get a signature and payment at the same time. Your customer or business partner can sign the document and then submit payment via our secure payment network. The money is transferred instantly.

You’ve gotten a document signed and gotten paid, all in one smooth motion.

The Legality of E Signatures

Over 27 countries have laws on the books that make e-signatures legal.

In the United States, it is up to the states to ratify the legality of signatures. The federal government put forth the Uniform Electronics Transactions Act (UETA) in 1999. Since then, 47 states, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands have ratified it. Illinois, New York, and Washington state have created their own similar framework.

There are several layers that are required to make sure that signature is legal. On WeSignature, we’ve made it simple by including everything in our system.

If, however, you use a different e-signature system, make sure it includes the following criteria.

The first step is intent to sign. Recipients have to show that they intend to sign the document. This is done by giving them a decline or opt out button. This is a clear way of saying, “Yes, I intend to sign,” or “No, I don’t intend to sign.”

The next step is consent to do business electronically. The signatory has to show that they planned on using an electronic system to sing the document. With a simple click, they can demonstrate they consent to signing the document electronically. While the simple act of providing a signature is implied consent, most systems include a direct question that asks if the consent to signing the document electronically.

An audit trail of the signature is vital. At WeSignature, we track everything by the user’s IP address, email, and more, as well as the date and time of the signature. This allows proper attribution of the signatories to the right person.

Signatures must be clearly associated with the correct document. This means that a person’s signature can only be transmitted in reference to the correct document, not simply attached later. This creates a clear digital trail that the signature was on the right document.

Retention of Records is the final step. Not only can you download and store a document yourself, but WeSignature retains a copy of the document, signatures, and all electronic verification data, securely stored in our cloud. There the document is available years later if needed.

We Signature – Signing and Payment Made Easy

If you send a lot of contracts or invoices and you want the simplest way to track everything, WeSignature is the answer. We offer everything you need to retain the signatures, with the added bonus of making it possible to pay for the contract or invoice right inside our single service.

E-Signature and The Customer Experience It Offers in Insurance Industry

There is a common perception amongst people that the insurance industry is one of those fields that is always a little reluctant to changes. The comprehensive purpose of this industry has stayed more or less constant for some years, more so in terms of offering special coverage to individuals. There are still some insurance companies that prefer getting a client to physically sign the insurance documents for incepting a particular policy.

On the other hand, if we look at most of these companies then there has been a growing acceptance within both the private and commercial sectors that online document signing is a great way forward. Most of this comes down to the final fact that in the present time, most of the insurance sales are being conducted in an online environment. The clients have the option of selecting the nature and limitations of the coverage all according to their requirements. This has led to insurance agencies working with online document signature platforms often replacing the need for any physical consultation.

The insurance agents have shifted towards being customer-centric while identifying more with improving the customer experience as one of the most important and strategic steps to complete their processes. There has been a wide recognition that the industry has only been produced first long and this particular recognition had led these companies to shift to fulfilling the preferences of the customers first.


In the recent past the insurance agents and companies have changed their processes and technology they work with owing to the great benefits offered by free electronic signature platforms like WeSignature. Not only does this include traditional individuals and the business policyholder customers but also some of the most independent agents as partners. This basically includes getting a firm understanding of the customer journey, re-evaluating the entire process and finally making everything as simple as possible for the customers to carry on with the business with insurers.


For seeking multiple ways to make various touch points simple and offer customers with various options for good interaction, the facility to create the online signature is available as a great capability. It improves the customer experience in a great manner. This technology is relatively mature and comes in sync with important legal as well as regulatory measures which if used together can be very helpful. The insurance agents have made immense progress in implementing this solution in the important areas of their business. Additionally, there is also great potential for extending this particular functionality to the other areas of the business.

The only important thing that must be avoided here is the misuse of this technology. Since the e-signature capabilities are pretty simple to acquire and implement as well, there are many vendors who have been touting this solution. It is great that this technology has been adopted and implemented across many important insurance companies. The only thing to be noted here is choosing a credible platform.

The platform chosen should offer robust, scalable, safe, auditable solutions that further help in integrating important systems and workflows. The insurers should focus on choosing this type of platform because they make the insurance capabilities a lot better. Additionally, they also enable the customers to make sales and transactions through cross-platform digital devices. Since more and more people are switching to gadgets they find more comfortable, the e-signature platform must be functional on all the devices that people are accustomed to using in their everyday lives.


During the old days, any customer who was willing to purchase insurance documents would be sent forms, policy documents physically which further required a signature that confirmed coverage. In case there was a claim there were more forms that needed to be filled out and naturally, there would be another requirement for more signatures. This process involved loss because in most cases, the very reason why people wanted to take insurance coverage in the first place would be sent back for consideration.

However, with the use of eSign documents online, this is not the case anymore. The e-signature platforms offer an ability to compare different products or coverage online which further ensures that the insurance industry stays encouraged the process of electronic signatures. This means that the insurance agents are now used to being asked for seemingly bare information of being asked about coverage. For example; the time to get insurance done for a car could be lowered from an hour to seconds or just a couple of minutes.


The use of e-signatures in the insurance industry not only helps in saving time but also eliminates all the hassle whenever it is possible. This means asking for much less information whenever it is possible, all to the extent that there is no need to compromise on the underwriting. Insurance agents and companies are now able to spend more time developing a better understanding of the customer needs and providing suitable solutions that help in managing the risk and much less time keying information into a system.

Some Important Reasons Why E-Signatures Must be Implemented by Organizations

The relevance of personal computing started becoming prevalent during the late nineties. Organizations started relying on quick processing of data and efficient computations for carrying out significant business processes. Businesses operate to capitalize on every opportunity that comes their way. Since time has always been considered as money, anything that led to minimizing delays in the workflow worked like a boon. The quick transformation from manual to digital processes has taken all areas of life.

One such innovation is that of eSignatures online. Owing to the heaps of paperwork that the companies are supposed to handle on a daily basis, the ability to sign digitally has proven to offer a comprehensive set of benefits. Although most businessmen have realized the importance entailed in online document signing, there are many who still hesitate to shift from paper to digital workflow. As a deeply entrenched practice in their minds, professionals and businessmen are inclined towards signing on paper.

Signatures are one of the most important aspects that must be regarded in the business workflows because they bring along numerous dependencies with them.  The conventional method of signing on paper is slow, far less efficient, prone to damage, costly, etc. As a tangible solution to this problem, the digital signatures online allow us to sign the documents online cutting down on the turnaround time by almost 90%. This means that a document can be instantly signed and sent online. Plus, the signed document is legally valid.

Given below are the five most important reasons why eSignatures must be implemented by organizations. Let’s have a look:

SAVES COST: Some people think that paper is cheaper. However, that is completely untrue. The total cost accrued, right from purchasing, printing, scanning, copying, sending and then managing the papers precedes more than the cost of operating eSignatures platforms. Think about how much you can save by adopting the digital process of eSignatures. According to research done by Ombud for organizations that have adopted eSignatures, the average savings per document is around $20.  That kind of savings can mean a lot for organizations that are supposed to a lot of paperwork.

SAVES TIME: The traditional and compulsive habit of printing the documents, sending them through fax or courier and then waiting for the person to send them back costs a lot of time. It delays the business processes and costs a lot of money. Many times business owners used to wish for these processes to become digitized so they could focus on other significant matters. eSignatures do just the same. The simple fact is that eSignatures can assist businesses in avoiding all hassles of extra time and cost by completing the processes in an instant. The turnaround time can be decreased to as much as 90% which is more than enough for encouraging people to adopt eSignatures in the businesses.

ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERN: Deforestation has been a very important concern and it is pertinent that people become aware of it. Also, the organizations that adopt Eco-friendly business processes are favored as compared to other counterparts. Not only will the electronic signatures help in going green and saving money but they will also help you gain a reputation for being a good company. Electronic signatures online help in saving paper and trees bringing down unhealthy emissions of greenhouse gases and reducing the burden on the environment. eSign platforms like WeSignature are one of the most tangible ways to go Eco-friendly, sustain the environment, business, and collective growth.

ADVANCED SECURITY: Another benefit of electronic signatures platforms is that they bring enhanced security that prevails with their use. Papers can be easily lost or tampered. This problem is entirely eliminated with the use of design platforms. A digital and contract management software solution such as WeSignature can help in automatically detecting any alterations and sign, send or store important documents right away. The electronic signatures can be safeguarded with the help of passwords and authentication methods. Users have the ability to access documents by using their credentials provided by the sender and the receiver of the documents can safely access those documents. This leads to increased security as compared to simple paperwork.

NO PAPER TRAIL: Managing the paper trail is a difficult task. All too often, there are instances of losing them because of excessive time and expenditure that is involved in sending those documents. Copying those documents and storing them by adding them in the files has a possibility of documents getting damaged, forged or lost. This can be avoided with the use of electronic signatures. Additionally, it is much easier to archive, retrieve or edit a digital log while providing the details of the documents such as time of signing, email address, digital fingerprint, etc.


ESignatures remove the barriers between a hybrid paper-to-digital workflow to an entirely electronic way of working. This improves the closing of deals through any type of transaction that needs a contract. The users can get through the workflow all too successfully without ever stopping their processes. The advantages mentioned above are some of the most important reasons why it is pertinent for organizations to start using eSignatures in the present time. With a significant improvement in technology in making our lives much easier, eSignature platforms like WeSignature are an important step.

Now that you have read through the blog and understood the importance of electronic Signatures, we hope that you are ready to bring about a change in your business processes by adopting them.

Send, Sign & Get Paid is The New Theme of E-Signatures Portals

Organizations spend a lot of time compiling, sending and then tracking the documents to their clients. Most businesses waste more than 10 hours on a weekly basis for completing and managing their documents. Especially, the small and medium-sized businesses where one person assumes many different roles suffer considerably because every minute and payment is important for the success of a business.

However, the E-Signatures portals come to the rescue by eliminating this problem. The feature of send, sign and get paid instantly allows people to get instant signatures and payments all in one step, right after the client’s signature on the dotted line.

E-signature portals allow you to get paid instantly right when the customers sign the agreements. This avoids any delays or wasted time which can be otherwise used in collecting money owed. WeSignature has partnered with ZifflePay, a payment platform that gives people the ability to collect instant money. It works simply – one just needs to provide their bank account information to get up and running.compiling, sending and then tracking the documents to their clients

Sending, signing and getting paid instantly is the new theme of E-signature portals and facilitates quick closing of agreements. Let’s have a look at five ways in which this new theme is beneficial for saving time and money.

  1. CLOSES DEAL QUICKLY: The E-Signature platforms allow customers to sign right while they are on their phones with the sales representatives or just afterward the phone call has ended. This is a great relief from a long time span of six to fourteen days to minutes and sometimes even seconds.Since the deals are closed quickly, the payment cycle is also reduced to a similar amount. Additionally, electronic signature portals like WeSignature reduce going through any hassles of friction with the clients and help in closing a transaction quickly by making it easy to sign from any device. On average, the closing of deals gets improved by as much as 5% with digital signatures.
  2. INCREASED DATA EFFICIENCY: Employees of all organizations spend a lot of time while handling the documents. The print, sticky notes and mail methods of signing are expensive, error-prone, labor-intensive and extremely slow. The email or fax signing method is difficult to track, demands extra work and it is inefficient. Lastly, the sign-in person method is time-consuming, slow and very difficult to schedule by coordinating with both the parties.As opposed to these traditional methods of signing, the E-Signature platforms allow them to save time for doing valuable work. They are easy to set up, do not require any scheduling, it is efficient for the signers, tracks all the processes automatically and increases the speed of the entire process.
  3. CUTS DOWN THE UNNECESSARY COSTS: The price which is associated with the physical papers increases with the increase in the distance. One of the most common costs that are involved in this process is to print, send and then store the documents. This cost varies from 25 to 30 cents to 20 dollars based on the method of signing and it does not include any add on costs which is mostly associated with replacing documents, correcting all the mistakes or any other problems faced in the process of signing. When these overhead costs are added, the result is an unnecessary overall cost. Eliminating this problem, WeSignature cuts down all these costs and saves money. Additionally, it also empowers people and organizations to send, sign and gets paid instantly with an integrated payment platform called ZifflePay.
  4. AVOID MAKING ERRORS: There are many instances when  the documents get signed incorrectly. With the traditional signing methods, this leads to a lot of hassles which will include the entire process of sending and signing the document all over again. However, the E-Signature portals can assist in eliminating all chances of making this error.In case there is a problem then we can send the document back on the cloud for more valuable work. There are a few points of failure with digital signature portals. Organizations can go from not getting things right to make them in the first time itself. The chances of risks and costly errors get reduced dramatically.
  5. ELIMINATES CHANCES OF LOST FILES: The traditionally signed documents are very easy to lose and extremely hard to authenticate. With the assistance of WeSignature, you can never lose a file again. Every employee spends a considerable amount of time looking for lost documents. This precious time could amount to a week full of work.In addition to being one of the most difficult experiences to deal with, the lost documents also turn out to be very expensive. The digital signature portals make it easy to look for documents within seconds and eliminate all the stress or inefficiency of retrieving any lost files.
  6. YOU CAN GET PAID INSTANTLY: Most people do not understand how necessary it is to be able to prove the signatures of other parties till the time an unwanted situation arises. For example; Two partners who owned a commercial property collectively got into a dispute of ownership.Both of them had different signed and notarised copies of the contract as it was finadigital signature portalslised on paper. Due to this mismatch, there was no way to find out which one was valid. This mismatch led to a much bigger loss to both of them in the deal. WeSignature makes it simple to prove which version was signed and saves all the information accordingly.


WeSignature increases revenue and eliminates all the unnecessary costs by providing a great rate of interest. It is created to solve the business problems and helps in accelerating at which the businesses are done. With its regular usage, it is possible to save multiple staff hours and focus on the core business accordingly.

Five Benefits of Implementing E-Signatures for Streamlining Your Sales OPS

As companies continue to transform digitally, electronic signing has become a significant part of carrying out the day to day business operations. Almost all industries that require regular paperwork have shown an increased inclination and need towards going digital. It is expected that the electronic signature market size increase by 34.7% and reach USD 9073.1 million by 2023.

Giving up the traditional way of using pen and paper leads to efficiency, progress, cost savings, saving time, being legally compliant, etc. Based on a report by the Electronic Signature and Record Association, businesses experience a performance improvement of 83%. Therefore, one of the most intelligent decisions that business representatives can make is to go paperless and implementing the online document signing.

To understand this better, let’s talk about sales ops. Other than making projections and moving past some challenges, the job of selling representatives is to deal with consistent paperwork and saving data. Other than selling things to the target audience, the employees spend a large amount of time in managing the papers. By using a freehand sign generator, they can empower themselves to use their time constructively and work efficiently.

Contracts, approvals, invoices, quotes are managed well with their implementation. In addition to managing the workflow, this results in generating healthy relationships and empowering the efficiency of professionals.

Let’s look at big five benefits of e-signature solutions:


Contracts, agreements, and approvals, all are an integral part of sales operations. Roughly, it takes around three to six days to collect the signatures in-person or through fax. This hassle of paperwork delays the working flow and decreases the overall turnaround.

With the use of electronic document signing, the sales people are able to create, send and sign the documents effortlessly. According to Forbes, this process helps in increasing the overall turnaround exceptionally which accelerates the sales performance.

The users can define every single field, decide the order of the events and gain better visibility in the advancement of the contract. The option of creating reminders for signers also helps in completing the workflow.

There is no wastage of time on repetitive questions or a chance of missing out on any information. More than anything, the documents stay in the digital form all through their lifespan.


The selling process is not just limited to one specific location. It ranges across different countries in the world because the target audience belongs to different corners.

The importance of easy collaboration between two or more parties is important to make the sales workflow easier and productive. The remote signing and document authentication of WeSignature generates a seamless workflow.

Someone can be living in another corner of the world but will receive the documents within a couple of seconds. There is no requirement for scanning or mailing and the professionals can get straight to the business of signing.


The process of sales involves enforcing decisions that usually follow the process of going through many documents. Different stakeholders, managers, and employees are supposed to give their approvals.

Obviously, the greater the time spent in the completion of the signing process, the more time it will take to implement important decisions into actions and fulfill the targets. This lag delays the final results because the decisions go missing amongst all the long formalities and the optimum momentum is lost.

In case the representatives want to quicken the process and make it more productive then it is pertinent to shorten the time gap between taking a decision and implementing it.

E-Signature solution comes into the picture doing just the same. With this facility, all the necessary people in the pipeline, signing off the documents in question and sealing the approval into effect becomes easy. This contributes to increasing the productivity of sales.


Traditionally, the usual time needed to prepare a document and getting it signed used to take a minimum of one week. These times used to vary depending on how far or near the people were from each other.

It is obvious how time-intensive this process was with the paper-based signs. Plus, in case of any errors, the time used to increase even more. The online contract signing makes the entire process gets over within seconds. Businesses that go paperless cut down on their processing with fewer errors.

It doesn’t matter how far the people might be from one another, they can still collaborate with each other and sign the papers in a short period of time. This is a boon for sales operations because time-saving allows achieving the targets quickly and efficiently.


In this time of the digital revolution, it is necessary to form a balance between encouraging sales while ensuring safety and legality. The customers must feel protected and satisfied.

Managing paper documents is quite difficult as they are prone to get stolen, destroyed, tampered, misplaced, etc. In contrast to this, the electronic signs are able to provide much better security for the documents. Almost 81% of businesses consider using e-Signatures as the most important legal and safe aspect for carrying out daily operations.

They are compliant with exceptional security measures that help in sending, receiving and storing the e-documents. WeSignature is a platform that does not just facilitate electronic document signing but it also helps in recording all the important evidence related to transactions that ensure legitimacy and authenticity.


WeSignature is dedicated to assisting businesses to achieve seamless sales with legal and security compliance. In case the employees need to close more deals quickly then the implementation of e-signatures in the sales operations is pertinent. It is a guaranteed way to close the deals effectively and meet the targets on time.