Electronic Signature Helps Businesses with High Turnover During Pandemic

With the widespread of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been a significant number of challenges brought to the forefront. If we talk about the business operations then the entire mode of working has shifted to being remote.

For almost a year and a half, there have been significant restrictions that have actually led more and more businesses to make their processes digital. A perfect example of this digitization is that of implementing an efficient electronic signature online software application.

However, it is due to the efficiency and ease of use offered by the use of electronic signatures that everything has become a lot better and easier. The use of electronic signatures has actually helped many businesses experience a high turnover at the time of the pandemic. Let’s see how.

Online Signatures in COVID-19:

Ever since the time that online signatures have been launched, the world has been allowed and legally enforced to sign so many important documents electronically. There are many organizations that have increasingly relied on physical signatures to bring so much more efficiency.

However, accepting the use of online signatures is no more just an option in the present world. It has in fact become a norm to function better in the future that lies ahead of us. From the scenario that it looks like, the use of online signatures will be becoming more and more common in the coming period.

Since so many companies are finding it easy to close their deals within seconds, it has resulted in softening of many guidelines linked with the alternative forms of signatures. With these guidelines, the use of electronic signatures online is acceptable for securing and preventing any kind of tampering with the documents. Since the software is completely secure and legally compliant, the process of signing has become much simpler.

On the other hand, an online signature can be recorded in many different ways as well. During COVID, people have had the freedom to sign important documents with a click of a button while finding it very easy to create an online signature. It is for all these reasons that the use of electronic signatures has taken off more than ever before during the pandemic.

In fact, there are so many companies who are thinking of adopting the electronic method permanently from now on because of the user-friendliness, security, and efficient mode of operation that the use of online signatures is capable of offering.

Prevalence of Electronic Signatures:

The adoption and regular use of electronic signatures have become very common in recent times. The type of electronic signature online that is actually accepted includes a person typing his/her name on an official contract or an email that includes the term of a contract. In addition, a person who is electronically pasting signatures on an image into an electronic version of the contract in an appropriate place is also accepted.

Other than this, a person who accesses an official contract with an signature online software can also sign documents electronically. Basically, the different types of ways to sign electronically are proven legally compliant and admissible in evidence. It is the strength of these online signatures that depends on important facts.

An important way to sign a document in virtual means which is otherwise not referred to as electronic signing is also called wet ink which includes sending a scan of the signed document. It can be said that the method of online signatures has become widely accepted and an established method of signing important documents. However, there is an increasing observation that many people lack the printing and scanning facilities at their homes which ultimately leads to an increase in using e-signatures.

Signing Contracts Easily:

What people need to understand here is that signing documents becomes very easy when we are talking about the use of online signatures. Simple contracts can be signed with an electronic signature while the signatories making sure that the important documents are sent to the right people and received at the right time.

In addition, in case the companies need to get more than one or two documents signed then that can also happen because the documents signed with an e-signature software are subject to a company’s association. This includes board minutes, written resolutions of any kind, and the minutes of proceedings at the general meetings.

Going Digital:

In the future, there is a strong possibility that the process of signing important documents becomes entirely online and the method of signing documents with handwritten signatures is replaced completely. Even the individuals and organizations who did not think of online signatures as an important necessity have started realizing the importance of using online signatures more and more.

Hence, all the companies that didn’t adopt the e-signature software are now on their way to realize the massive importance that this software holds. So in the coming time, there is a possibility, the business world starts running on electronic signatures.


In conclusion, it can be said that the use of online signatures will become more common than it has ever been before because it helps in closing the deals quickly. The spread of COVID-19 has an important role to play in the widespread use of this. The social restrictions made people realize that signing documents online is possible and easy. 

The companies that did not see the many benefits of electronic signature adoption are now being led to see the benefits. Now that so many people have already realized the benefits of e-signatures, it is most definitely going to become common in the future.