10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use E-Signature

New technologies have advanced the business world leading the operations to become much more simple, efficient, and accurate. Tasks that took days to get completed can now be finished within a matter of a few clicks. Out of all the ways and utilities in which technology has made dealings easier, one such way is the use of the electronic signature.

Particularly in the field of business, the use of e-signature turns out much more significant in enabling easy, sustainable, affordable, time-saving, and accurate transactions across borders.

If you own a business and still find yourself signing traditionally then it is most definitely the time to make a change. With 2021 being around the corner, your business processes must also evolve and should be streamlined to lead your business to unprecedented heights.

Given below are 10 reasons why your business should use e-signatures:

  1. Simple Remote Signing: A business expansion means either having teams or some clients across different locations in the world. Regardless of the two, there is a primary requirement for a convenient collaboration between two or more parties. The use of electronic signature in word makes simple remote signing possible. A team member or a client could be operating from another continent and it will still be possible to get the documents signed within seconds.
  2. Efficient Business Operations: Since the total time taken for handling the official documents reduces significantly, the workflow in a business becomes excessively efficient. If a business uses physical documents, there is creation, printing, delivering, and mailing of the paperwork involved. In addition, when all is done, there is an added time required for filing of paperwork. With an e-signature, all this process becomes way more efficient because the person needed for signing can do so quickly and send the documents automatically.
  3. Enhanced Security: The paper documents are not only insecure; they are also prone to get lost, destroyed, stolen, and tampered with, etc. On the contrary, the use of electronic signature for pdf comes with a high ended authentication which offers greater security. Businesses are never at risk of losing important paperwork because sending, receiving, and saving are all done electronically. Moreover, all evidence needed to verify official deals is stored for ensuring added security and authenticity for business transactions.
  4. Time-Saving: When done physically, getting a signature is a time-consuming process, particularly when the other party is in a different country.  The adoption of electronic signature free reduces the consumption of time because the document gets signed almost instantly. The task that seemed time-consuming and tedious is made considerably easier.
  5. Sustainable Solution: Increased consumption of paper places great stress on environmental resources because of an expanded cutting down of trees. Reducing paper is needed immediately to let the environment thrive more eco-friendly while supporting your efforts. Adopting an electronic signature will not just ensure business advancement but it will also help in proving as a sustainable solution in saving the environment. Paper consumption will be reduced majorly and your business will become environment-friendly.
  6. Saves Money: Other than saving time, using online signature saves costs as well. There is no physical paperwork needed, which means no need for spending money on paper and ink. This could often seem inconsequential, but for large enterprises that need massive paperwork, this is a valuable step in cost management. Moreover, e-sign will also save the travel expenses because it does not have any need for the physical presence of the parties who have to sign.
  7. Legally Recognised: E-signature offers similar legal standing as physical paper documents owing to some important laws. The benefits of e-signatures led the government of the United States to pass two laws called the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act of 1999 and the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000.Hence, online signatures are law enforced, valid, and can be submitted as rightful evidence if a need arises ever. This improves the business processes with legal validation.
  8. Quick Turnaround: The process of signing the physical paper documents takes a lot of time because it includes going through multiple steps until finally, the signature is obtained. Contrary to this, the adoption of e-signature can help in getting significant documents rapidly. Regardless of how quickly a business party might want the documents to be signed, it can be done instantly from any device and place. This always results in quick turnaround.
  9. Electronic Tracking: Physical documents are at all times open to threats such as tampering, fraud, or getting lost. However, with electronic documents, there is an online system of tracking everything. You will always know what is going on with the document simply because the steps will be recorded. It is in fact, also possible to tell when a document is viewed, signed, or printed. There is little to no chance of any malice because the process is legally binding, simple, quick, and efficient.
  10. Precision in Completion: While dealing with the physical paperwork, it is very common to receive the paperwork from clients and discover that they forgot some fields. From not putting their initials on an important line or leaving a signature spot blank entirely, anything can happen. On the other hand, using electronic signature in word always ensures that all the fields get filled out completely. The online document will prompt the recipient to sign all the fields in a linear way. Hence, there is no question of an incomplete form.

Final Thoughts:

If you wish that your business becomes entirely digital and productive, adopting e-signatures must be made a priority. The adoption of e-signature is a significant element for an efficient business workflow.

After successful implementation, it delivers an extraordinary business transaction experience because of the seamlessness it brings to the table. It is time your business escalates with the right choice of tools and technologies with the implementation of e-signature.