Some Important Reasons Why E-Signatures Must be Implemented by Organizations

The relevance of personal computing started becoming prevalent during the late nineties. Organizations started relying on quick processing of data and efficient computations for carrying out significant business processes. Businesses operate to capitalize on every opportunity that comes their way. Since time has always been considered as money, anything that led to minimizing delays in the workflow worked like a boon. The quick transformation from manual to digital processes has taken all areas of life.

One such innovation is that of E Signatures online. Owing to the heaps of paperwork that the companies are supposed to handle on a daily basis, the ability to sign digitally has proven to offer a comprehensive set of benefits. Although most businessmen have realized the importance entailed in online document signing, there are many who still hesitate to shift from paper to digital workflow. As a deeply entrenched practice in their minds, professionals and businessmen are inclined towards signing on paper.

Signatures are one of the most important aspects that must be regarded in the business workflows because they bring along numerous dependencies with them.  The conventional method of signing on paper is slow, far less efficient, prone to damage, costly, etc. As a tangible solution to this problem, the digital signatures online allow us to sign the documents online cutting down on the turnaround time by almost 90%. This means that a document can be instantly signed and sent online. Plus, the signed document is legally valid.

Given below are the five most important reasons why E Signature must be implemented by organizations. Let’s have a look:

SAVES COST: Some people think that paper is cheaper. However, that is completely untrue. The total cost accrued, right from purchasing, printing, scanning, copying, sending and then managing the papers precedes more than the cost of operating eSignatures platforms. Think about how much you can save by adopting the digital process of eSignatures. According to research done by Ombud for organizations that have adopted e signature, the average savings per document is around $20.  That kind of savings can mean a lot for organizations that are supposed to a lot of paperwork.

SAVES TIME: The traditional and compulsive habit of printing the documents, sending them through fax or courier and then waiting for the person to send them back costs a lot of time. It delays the business processes and costs a lot of money. Many times business owners used to wish for these processes to become digitized so they could focus on other significant matters. eSignatures do just the same. The simple fact is that eSignatures can assist businesses in avoiding all hassles of extra time and cost by completing the processes in an instant. The turnaround time can be decreased to as much as 90% which is more than enough for encouraging people to adopt eSignatures in the businesses.

ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERN: Deforestation has been a very important concern and it is pertinent that people become aware of it. Also, the organizations that adopt Eco-friendly business processes are favored as compared to other counterparts. Not only will the electronic signatures help in going green and saving money but they will also help you gain a reputation for being a good company. Electronic signatures online help in saving paper and trees bringing down unhealthy emissions of greenhouse gases and reducing the burden on the environment. eSign platforms like WeSignature are one of the most tangible ways to go Eco-friendly, sustain the environment, business, and collective growth.

ADVANCED SECURITY: Another benefit of electronic signatures platforms is that they bring enhanced security that prevails with their use. Papers can be easily lost or tampered. This problem is entirely eliminated with the use of design platforms. A digital and contract management software solution such as WeSignature can help in automatically detecting any alterations and sign, send or store important documents right away. The electronic signatures can be safeguarded with the help of passwords and authentication methods. Users have the ability to access documents by using their credentials provided by the sender and the receiver of the documents can safely access those documents. This leads to increased security as compared to simple paperwork.

NO PAPER TRAIL: Managing the paper trail is a difficult task. All too often, there are instances of losing them because of excessive time and expenditure that is involved in sending those documents. Copying those documents and storing them by adding them in the files has a possibility of documents getting damaged, forged or lost. This can be avoided with the use of electronic signatures. Additionally, it is much easier to archive, retrieve or edit a digital log while providing the details of the documents such as time of signing, email address, digital fingerprint, etc.


ESignatures remove the barriers between a hybrid paper-to-digital workflow to an entirely electronic way of working. This improves the closing of deals through any type of transaction that needs a contract. The users can get through the workflow all too successfully without ever stopping their processes. The advantages mentioned above are some of the most important reasons why it is pertinent for organizations to start using eSignatures in the present time. With a significant improvement in technology in making our lives much easier, eSignature platforms like WeSignature are an important step.

Now that you have read through the blog and understood the importance of electronic Signatures, we hope that you are ready to bring about a change in your business processes by adopting them.