Send, Sign & Get Paid is The New Theme of E-Signatures Portals

Organizations spend a lot of time compiling, sending and then tracking the documents to their clients. Most businesses waste more than 10 hours on a weekly basis for completing and managing their documents. Especially, the small and medium-sized businesses where one person assumes many different roles suffer considerably because every minute and payment is important for the success of a business.

However, the E-Signatures portals come to the rescue by eliminating this problem. The feature of send, sign and get paid instantly allows people to get instant signatures and payments all in one step, right after the client’s signature on the dotted line.

E-signature portals allow you to get paid instantly right when the customers sign the agreements. This avoids any delays or wasted time which can be otherwise used in collecting money owed. WeSignature has partnered with ZifflePay, a payment platform that gives people the ability to collect instant money. It works simply – one just needs to provide their bank account information to get up and running.compiling, sending and then tracking the documents to their clients

Sending, signing and getting paid instantly is the new theme of E-signature portals and facilitates quick closing of agreements. Let’s have a look at five ways in which this new theme is beneficial for saving time and money.

  1. CLOSES DEAL QUICKLY: The E-Signature platforms allow customers to sign right while they are on their phones with the sales representatives or just afterward the phone call has ended. This is a great relief from a long time span of six to fourteen days to minutes and sometimes even seconds.Since the deals are closed quickly, the payment cycle is also reduced to a similar amount. Additionally, electronic signature portals like WeSignature reduce going through any hassles of friction with the clients and help in closing a transaction quickly by making it easy to sign from any device. On average, the closing of deals gets improved by as much as 5% with digital signatures.
  2. INCREASED DATA EFFICIENCY: Employees of all organizations spend a lot of time while handling the documents. The print, sticky notes and mail methods of signing are expensive, error-prone, labor-intensive and extremely slow. The email or fax signing method is difficult to track, demands extra work and it is inefficient. Lastly, the sign-in person method is time-consuming, slow and very difficult to schedule by coordinating with both the parties.As opposed to these traditional methods of signing, the E-Signature platforms allow them to save time for doing valuable work. They are easy to set up, do not require any scheduling, it is efficient for the signers, tracks all the processes automatically and increases the speed of the entire process.
  3. CUTS DOWN THE UNNECESSARY COSTS: The price which is associated with the physical papers increases with the increase in the distance. One of the most common costs that are involved in this process is to print, send and then store the documents. This cost varies from 25 to 30 cents to 20 dollars based on the method of signing and it does not include any add on costs which is mostly associated with replacing documents, correcting all the mistakes or any other problems faced in the process of signing. When these overhead costs are added, the result is an unnecessary overall cost. Eliminating this problem, WeSignature cuts down all these costs and saves money. Additionally, it also empowers people and organizations to send, sign and gets paid instantly with an integrated payment platform called ZifflePay.
  4. AVOID MAKING ERRORS: There are many instances when  the documents get signed incorrectly. With the traditional signing methods, this leads to a lot of hassles which will include the entire process of sending and signing the document all over again. However, the E-Signature portals can assist in eliminating all chances of making this error.In case there is a problem then we can send the document back on the cloud for more valuable work. There are a few points of failure with digital signature portals. Organizations can go from not getting things right to make them in the first time itself. The chances of risks and costly errors get reduced dramatically.
  5. ELIMINATES CHANCES OF LOST FILES: The traditionally signed documents are very easy to lose and extremely hard to authenticate. With the assistance of WeSignature, you can never lose a file again. Every employee spends a considerable amount of time looking for lost documents. This precious time could amount to a week full of work.In addition to being one of the most difficult experiences to deal with, the lost documents also turn out to be very expensive. The digital signature portals make it easy to look for documents within seconds and eliminate all the stress or inefficiency of retrieving any lost files.
  6. YOU CAN GET PAID INSTANTLY: Most people do not understand how necessary it is to be able to prove the signatures of other parties till the time an unwanted situation arises. For example; Two partners who owned a commercial property collectively got into a dispute of ownership.Both of them had different signed and notarised copies of the contract as it was finadigital signature portalslised on paper. Due to this mismatch, there was no way to find out which one was valid. This mismatch led to a much bigger loss to both of them in the deal. WeSignature makes it simple to prove which version was signed and saves all the information accordingly.


WeSignature increases revenue and eliminates all the unnecessary costs by providing a great rate of interest. It is created to solve the business problems and helps in accelerating at which the businesses are done. With its regular usage, it is possible to save multiple staff hours and focus on the core business accordingly.