WeSignature – An Improvement On the e-Sign Platform

The world seems to be moving faster every day. We don’t have time anymore to deliver a contract, get it signed, get a check, deposit it, and wait three days for the check to clear.

Even with esign documents, there’s still a payment that needs to be handled by a different system.

At WeSignature, we’ve taken a lot of great ideas and made them better.

We created our new service so it’s simple for anyone to get online documents signed and paid!

  • E-signing – Get your clients’ and participants’ signatures quickly online. These signatures are legally binding and are stored digitally. Not only are there no paper copies to keep track of, but you can easily retrieve and distribute them.
  • Constant Updates – As each party signs their contract or bill, their signatures will show on the document online. If you’re not sure is someone signed the document, you can look at the original.
  • Email Notifications – Each new signature or change can be sent directly to your inbox. You’ll see everything in real time by looking viewing the dashboard or at your email. Depending on how you have your phone or computer set up, it will pop up right in front of you.
  • Amazing Customer Service – Our team is here to make sure that WeSignature works perfectly for you. If you have questions or problems, our team is available to help.
  • Built-in Payment – This is the thing that makes WeSignature unique – You receive payments and signatures through a single platform. We’ll look at this feature in more detail in a moment.
  • FREE – Most of the competition will charge you, even if you only have one document to sign. At WeSignature, we think you should be able to try it before you buy it. We offer a free account so you can get documents signed while giving it a spin. All of our packages are reasonably priced.
  • Secure – Our SSL encryption is state-of-the-art. We maintain the highest levels of security, and our team is constantly monitoring for ways to make it even more secure.
  • Easy to use – You can create and upload a document, send it to your signatory, and all they have to do is click a link. All of the documents are saved and managed in a secure cloud.
  • Audit Trails and Storage – Every action, every step is documented. You can see an audit trail with independent timestamps. We’ll also store all of your documents in our cloud, so they’re here and secure whenever you need them.

In-Document Payment

In most cases, when someone signs a contract, then they need to pay for the good or service.

This can create a logistical nightmare. If the payment isn’t clearly marked to identify as being associated with a specific contract, the accounting department might struggle to close outstanding invoices and authorize the release of goods and services.

Using WeSignature, you can get a signature and payment at the same time. Your customer or business partner can sign the document and then submit payment via our secure payment network. The money is transferred instantly.

You’ve gotten a document signed and gotten paid, all in one smooth motion.

The Legality of E Signatures

Over 27 countries have laws on the books that make e-signatures legal.

In the United States, it is up to the states to ratify the legality of signatures. The federal government put forth the Uniform Electronics Transactions Act (UETA) in 1999. Since then, 47 states, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands have ratified it. Illinois, New York, and Washington state have created their own similar framework.

There are several layers that are required to make sure that signature is legal. On WeSignature, we’ve made it simple by including everything in our system.

If, however, you use a different Online signature system, make sure it includes the following criteria.

The first step is intent to sign. Recipients have to show that they intend to sign the document. This is done by giving them a decline or opt out button. This is a clear way of saying, “Yes, I intend to sign,” or “No, I don’t intend to sign.”

The next step is consent to do business electronically. The signatory has to show that they planned on using an electronic system to sing the document. With a simple click, they can demonstrate they consent to signing the document electronically. While the simple act of providing a signature is implied consent, most systems include a direct question that asks if the consent to signing the document electronically.

An audit trail of the signature is vital. At WeSignature, we track everything by the user’s IP address, email, and more, as well as the date and time of the signature. This allows proper attribution of the signatories to the right person.

Signatures must be clearly associated with the correct document. This means that a person’s signature can only be transmitted in reference to the correct document, not simply attached later. This creates a clear digital trail that the signature was on the right document.

Retention of Records is the final step. Not only can you download and store a document yourself, but WeSignature retains a copy of the document, signatures, and all electronic verification data, securely stored in our cloud. There the document is available years later if needed.

WeSignature – Signing and Payment Made Easy

If you send a lot of contracts or invoices and you want the simplest way to track everything, WeSignature is the answer. We offer everything you need to retain the signatures, with the added bonus of making it possible to pay for the contract or invoice right inside our single service.