Why Is Everyone Talking About Online Signature?

Electronic Signatures are faster and way more secure as compared to the traditional means of acquiring an important signature. Everyone has been talking about these signatures for all the right reasons. In case you haven’t caught hold of this modern world business trend of online signature as yet then you must know that is missing out on something that can benefit your company immensely.

What is an E-Signature? 

In essence, an e-signature or an online signature is a signature in a digital form created on a dedicated digital platform. With the implementation of a secure and reliable electronic signature platform, you can send and sign important documents to almost anyone in this world using a digital device.

Once a recipient receives these signatures, they can create an online signature within seconds and send it back. In the past, the traditional means of collecting signatures with mail, fax, or email took a great amount of time and money. There were stacks of paper to be printed, photocopied, distributed, and stored.

However, with the use of electronic signatures, there is no use that companies should waste valuable time and money in the collection of physical signatures the hard way around. The use of electronic signatures simplifies the processes from beginning to end without letting go of security or validity.

So how do you create an online signature? Getting started with this convenient tool is actually very simple. There are many user-friendly e-signature platforms available. You can follow the methods given below for creating online signatures.

  • You can either draw or create a signature directly into the document by using your mouse.
  • You can also type in your name which will automatically be submitted as an online signature.

Importance of Online Signatures in Business:

The online signature service can be a highly beneficial business tool for many organizations. Many businesses are using these signatures at the present time for the simple reason that they offer security, reliability, and great efficiency.

Some of the reasons why you must use online signatures in today’s time include:

  • Environment Friendly: For some years now, deforestation and climate change have been an important concern all across the world. This is something that all of us are aware of already. Owing to this fact, the companies that adopt eco-friendly practices are favored a lot more than their competitors.

So not only an environmentally friendly practice such as using e-signature free online will enable you to attract the best hires, but you will also be able to do your bit towards the environment.

  • Security: All thanks to the digital encryption that is affiliated with digital signatures, the online signature service is sealed and protected against any kind of online crime. There is never any chance of hackers barging in, security breaches, or other possible threats.

In case you have ever had to collect a signature before then you must know how long this process can take from the start to finish. The use of electronic signatures offers a much better solution so the steps that follow the signature can begin immediately

  • Speed: The process of collecting a signature in the traditional methods can be pretty lengthy and complicated too. It involves many people to print, sign, witness, deliver, copy, and store.

However, an e-signature free online can be captured within a click of a button. In fact, they can greatly improve efficiency on both ends of the paperwork as well.

  • Legally Compliant: Much before the digital signatures, legal investigations were dependent solely on handwriting identification and the words of witnesses.

Digital signature documents the time, IP address, date, and unique user identification key that was utilized at the time of signing.

  • Safeguarding Important Documents: The online signature service seals the document and also keeps a record of any changes that were made after the document was sealed.

In doing the same, electronic signatures can prevent the documents from being tampered with and also keep a record of who made the last changes.

  • Storage and Verification: It is never really uncommon for a filing cabinet to overflow with loose papers and heaps of folders. It not only gets cumbersome to maintain these papers and folders, but it also becomes dusty after a point.

With an e-signature free online software, it is possible to keep all the documents organized and secured against any things such as fire, floods, and security threats in just one place. This is a revolutionary change in the world of business.

Ever since online signatures have been launched, the world has shifted to legally enforceable documents electronically. So many organizations have been dependent on the physical signatures to bring improved confidentiality.

That said, the use of online signatures is not just an option, but it has turned into a rule that lies ahead. From what the situation looks like, online signature free will be getting very common in the coming future.

The use of electronic signature online will be done to secure and prevent any kind of tampering. There will be end-to-end encryption used for verifying the signer which is how the certificate proves the authentication of the signer. On the other, an online signature can also be captured in different ways. This includes a scanned copy of a signature, a mouse or a screen, a fingertip, a signature made with a stylus, etc. Since the process to create an online signature is easy, more and more individuals and organizations will be adopting the technology of electronic signature.


In case you are still using the traditional method of signing then this is a good time to start thinking about making the switch. The use of online signatures is becoming common at a great rate. In the future, the trend of signing documents electronically will be becoming more and more common.

So if you haven’t already implemented this technology, you must go ahead of the curve while focussing on bigger and better things for your business.