Why Online Signature?

Signature is a means of authenticating a document as valid to be used further. The conventional mode of signing demands for the use of materials like paper and pen. However, the development of digitization has revolutionized the technique of document verification. One of the prime changes is the growing trend of replacing traditional pen-paper signing with an online signature. Authorization obtained in the form of a Free electronic signature is held valid across almost all domains, at all times, in a global scenario.

It is very easy to create an online signature. The process involves only a couple of simple steps which are elaborated very clearly on various websites. Furthermore, once generated, the online signature can be used across multiple platforms with great ease. Remote verification, hassle-free validation and quick processing are a few major advantages offered by free digital signatures. Elimination of personal presence and physical contact can also be added to the list as they are the prime necessities of the present world.

Create Signature Online

WeSignature is a leading platform that deals with the creation and exploitation of online signature. It offers a sophisticated platform over which all the parties involved in the business can transact effortlessly. As a result, it greatly aids in the development of international ventures. Use of online signature through this platform even helps in putting a bar over the probable fraudulent actions like amendment of manuscript data.

At WeSignature, any document that needs to be signed must be uploaded to the portal through an authenticated account. Following it, the party can make use of the tools present therein to mark the places where he needs the sign. Besides, he can even include a checkbox or any other necessary feature within the document by using a drag-and-drop feature of the platform. That’s it! It’s all set to be sent to the intended person(s).

At the other end, the verifier can just click on the dedicated link and sign using his electronic device like a computer or mobile. This can be accomplished almost instantaneously as there would be no need for download-sign-upload kind of process.

Besides aiding in the free digital signature, WeSignature even imbibes a feature wherein the parties can request for the release of payment. That is, singing and paying can go hand-in-hand, simultaneously, saving lots of time. All transactions performed will be recorded to aid in auditing and the documents will be stored securely over the cloud. Every move is scrutinized and is ensured to be completely legal.

Get free digital signature

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