Electronic Signature PDF

An electronic signature is a means of acknowledging the document in a digital sense. E-signature can be created easily with the help of electronic gadgets. They can be attached to almost any kind of documents including word, excel, image, ppt or pdf files. Once signed, the documents will become worthy enough for further circulation and usage. For instance, electronic signature in word document indicates full consent of the signed party over its content and thus can be forwarded to facilitate further actions.

Benefits of free electronic signature pdf

  • Reduced cost
    Electronic signatures check-on the usage of papers, ink and postal charges leading to a huge reduction in cost.
  • Faster closures
    Electronic signature word document ensures quick closure of deals as the act of signing usually takes just minutes instead of days.
  • Compatibility
    A majority of the esign pdf free versions are ensured to be compatible across multiple devices and operating systems.
  • Easy integration
    Portals that support free electronic sign pdf creation have standard APIs that easily get integrated into most of the existing platforms.
  • Traceability
    An electronic method of authentication supports tracking wherein the status of the document that needs to be signed can be monitored in real-time.
  • Global Accessibility
  • e-sign pdf is accepted as valid in legal terms all across the globe making it highly accessible at a given point of time.
  • Streamline Workflow
    Process of signing can be well-controlled and the document can be made available to only the people who are supposed to be in-the-loop
  • Data Security
    All transactions will take place in encrypted mode and thus ensure security from data breaching and manipulation.

Validity of electronic signature pdf

With an increase in globalization, electronic signature in word is gaining more and more importance. They remain valid and legal across government, private and individual sectors. Ability to handle things remotely has made it a prime choice amongst many areas like hiring, overseas business, admin tasks, etc. e signature can be used to legalize almost any kind of documents including salary slips, rental agreements, recruitment letters, legal contracts, NDAs, permission letters and application forms.

Looking for esign pdf free feature?

There are ample of platforms available that offer Online signature facility. However choosing one that offers the maximum benefit, like WeSignature, would be the best deal! WeSignature offers many attractive features in addition to e-signing facility. At WeSignature, you can

  • customize the document to request the sign at definite places of choice
  • receive payments while getting signed
  • retrieve the transactions from the archive to facilitate auditing
  • send reminders and cancel requests on-the-go
  • set multiple levels of authentication
  • leverage the benefits of cloud-based data management
  • free recipients from the download-store-upload process

Furthermore, at WeSignature you can try digital signature pdf free for 30 days. You can explore all the features of the platform during this period to determine which package suits you the best. Once experimenting on e signature pdf free version, you can then go for the purchased plan and give your business a new boost!

Why Online Signature?

Signature is a means of authenticating a document as valid to be used further. The conventional mode of signing demands for the use of materials like paper and pen. However, the development of digitization has revolutionized the technique of document verification. One of the prime changes is the growing trend of replacing traditional pen-paper signing with an online signature. Authorization obtained in the form of a free digital signature is held valid across almost all domains, at all times, in a global scenario.

It is very easy to create an online signature. The process involves only a couple of simple steps which are elaborated very clearly on various websites. Furthermore, once generated, the online signature can be used across multiple platforms with great ease. Remote verification, hassle-free validation and quick processing are a few major advantages offered by free digital signatures. Elimination of personal presence and physical contact can also be added to the list as they are the prime necessities of the present world.

Create Signature Online

WeSignature is a leading platform that deals with the creation and exploitation of online signature. It offers a sophisticated platform over which all the parties involved in the business can transact effortlessly. As a result, it greatly aids in the development of international ventures. Use of online signature through this platform even helps in putting a bar over the probable fraudulent actions like amendment of manuscript data.

At WeSignature, any document that needs to be signed must be uploaded to the portal through an authenticated account. Following it, the party can make use of the tools present therein to mark the places where he needs the sign. Besides, he can even include a checkbox or any other necessary feature within the document by using a drag-and-drop feature of the platform. That’s it! It’s all set to be sent to the intended person(s).

At the other end, the verifier can just click on the dedicated link and sign using his electronic device like a computer or mobile. This can be accomplished almost instantaneously as there would be no need for download-sign-upload kind of process.

Besides aiding in the free digital signature, WeSignature even imbibes a feature wherein the parties can request for the release of payment. That is, singing and paying can go hand-in-hand, simultaneously, saving lots of time. All transactions performed will be recorded to aid in auditing and the documents will be stored securely over the cloud. Every move is scrutinized and is ensured to be completely legal.

Get free digital signature

Are you looking for a platform to create online signature? If yes, grab the 30-day trial offer launched from WeSignature to get your e signature free of cost! Feel free to explore through the portal during the period to familiarize yourself and choose a package that suits you the best. You will surely be astonished by the high-end service offered for minimal cost. So, why wait? Enjoy maximum benefits of having an electronic signature free to be used on a file format of your own choice!

How to Create Electronic Signature? Online Signature


Signature is a popular means of acknowledging the document sets. Conventionally, it includes the act of signing over the manuscripts using writing equipment like a pen. Nonetheless, digitization of the world has left no field far behind! This has made signatures transform their mode from being manual to digital or electronic. Online signatures are gaining value day-by-day and are foreseen to effectively overtake the traditional method of signing.

Merits of Online Signature

Online signature is relatively easy-to-use. They can be attached to any kind of document very easily. Online document signing offers a considerably persistent fool-proof system of verification as opposed to manual mode. Most importantly, online signatures eliminate the need for in-person presence, may it be for signing or validation, assuring quick verification. They are being embraced across most of the domains including private organizations, corporate establishments, individual contracts and government agencies. This worldwide acceptance has greatly empowered globalization by facilitating legitimate overseas business.

How to Create Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature is nothing but the sign in an electronic form. The most common way of creating an electronic signature include

  • Signing on electronic gadgets such as mobile phone or tablet using an apparatus like stylus
  • Creating the signature by hovering the mouse to move the pointer
  • Signing on a piece of paper and then uploading the resulting image
  • Using special biometric-enabled devices to create a unique identity
  • Typing name through the keyboard in specialized font

Many online platforms assist in the process of creating a free electronic signature. If you are looking for creating electronic signature for free, then, WeSignature, is one of the best platforms to opt for.

Features of WeSignature

WeSignature is a cloud-based internet portal that offers e-signing service. It is greatly user-friendly and completely digital in nature. It adheres to all legal norms and is cross-platform compatible. WeSignature offers a comprehensive set of solutions for industrial transactions as it provides an option to sign and pay at the same instant. Every action is monitored and recorded to facilitate the audition process. Furthermore, adequate measures are undertaken to ensure data security and privacy.

WeSignature simplifies the process of online document signing for both senders as well as the receivers. Here, the person desiring the signature for a particular document needs to upload the document, point to the place where the signature is required and send it to the intended party. The recipient is just required to click on the link, attest their electronic signature and send back. May it be the word, pdf, excel, image or anything else, the procedure remains the same.

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WeSignature offers a 30-day trial package to better understand the working of the portal. During this period, it is possible to create digital signature online freely and all features offered under the package chosen can be explored. Once satisfied, the annual or monthly pricing plan that best suits the need can be purchased. So why wait? Get an electronic signature for free and accelerate the business by waving a good-bye for hassle-filled paper-work!


A very common question that gets asked while discussing the topic of online signatures is, ‘What is the difference between an electronic signatures and a digital signatures?’

A very direct and generic answer to this question is that the electronic signatures and digital signatures are used interchangeably, but fact of the matter is that these two are quite different. A significant difference between these two is that digital signatures are mostly utilized to secure documents because they guarantee authenticity of documents while the online electronic signatures are like symbols attached with a contract where the signer has a very clear intent to sign documents.

Now that we have got a fair idea of both these types of signatures, let us try to understand both.


Electronic signatures are like an electronic process, or a symbol attached or logically associated with a contract or any other document. E-signatures are executed to perform online document signing by a person who has a clear intent to sign the document for different purposes.

In other words, e-signature is more like a digital version of a handwritten signature. They are used to showcase the intent to either approve or accept the contents of important documents by either a person or different parties involved.

One of the most relevant and significant benefits of electronic signatures is that they make signing online documents remarkably simple. They enable the users to sign documents online with either a tap or just a click of the mouse allowing them to sign using their fingers or a stylus.


Digital signatures are one of the categories of electronic signatures that leverage algorithms to produce a unique digital fingerprint for each document. This digital fingerprint is linked to the signer’s identity and is used to authenticate it.

Fundamentally, one can create digital signatures utilizing the public key infrastructure system. The signature software uses an algorithm to produce two keys (a public and a private key) consisting of a sequence of numbers that are essentially linked to each other mathematically.

When any user signs an online document, he/she uses the private key to create a suitable signature. The private key is basically used to stay under owner’s control essentially. At the time of the signing process, a crypto code ID is created and embedded inside the document. When verification is facilitated, the signer simply utilizes his/her public key for unwrapping the digital signature code while subsequently comparing it with the document to ensure that there is a match.

A digital signature uses cryptography to provide authentic proof of the integrity and origin of every signature while verifying it.


1Electronic signatures online are mainly used to verify the documents.Digital signatures are mainly used to secure a document.
2An electronic signature is not regulated by the certification authorities.On the other hand, digital signatures are most commonly regulated by the certification authorities.
3Electronic signatures use a wide range of methods for the purpose of authenticating the signer’s identity such as enterprise ID, emails, phone verification, etc.Digital signatures use the certificate-based ID for the purpose of authenticating the signer’s identity.
4Electronic signatures use an audit trail to showcase the proof of signing a document.Digital signatures bind each signature to the document through encryption to showcase the proof of signing.
5The electronic signatures are concerned with a comparatively lesser number of security features when compared to digital signatures.Digital signatures are specifically concerned with an increasing number of security features.


Now that the differences of electronic signatures and digital signatures are pretty clear, it will get much easier to make an informed decision about the type of electronic signature software applications that will be perfectly suited for your business. Adopt e signatures and boost your business.

WeSignature – An Improvement On the e-Sign Platform

The world seems to be moving faster every day. We don’t have time anymore to deliver a contract, get it signed, get a check, deposit it, and wait three days for the check to clear.

Even with e-signed documents, there’s still a payment that needs to be handled by a different system.

At WeSignature, we’ve taken a lot of great ideas and made them better.

We created our new service so it’s simple for anyone to get online documents signed and paid!

  • E-signing – Get your clients’ and participants’ signatures quickly online. These signatures are legally binding and are stored digitally. Not only are there no paper copies to keep track of, but you can easily retrieve and distribute them.
  • Constant Updates – As each party signs their contract or bill, their signatures will show on the document online. If you’re not sure is someone signed the document, you can look at the original.
  • Email Notifications – Each new signature or change can be sent directly to your inbox. You’ll see everything in real time by looking viewing the dashboard or at your email. Depending on how you have your phone or computer set up, it will pop up right in front of you.
  • Amazing Customer Service – Our team is here to make sure that WeSignature works perfectly for you. If you have questions or problems, our team is available to help.
  • Built-in Payment – This is the thing that makes WeSignature unique – You receive payments and signatures through a single platform. We’ll look at this feature in more detail in a moment.
  • FREE – Most of the competition will charge you, even if you only have one document to sign. At WeSignature, we think you should be able to try it before you buy it. We offer a free account so you can get documents signed while giving it a spin. All of our packages are reasonably priced.
  • Secure – Our SSL encryption is state-of-the-art. We maintain the highest levels of security, and our team is constantly monitoring for ways to make it even more secure.
  • Easy to use – You can create and upload a document, send it to your signatory, and all they have to do is click a link. All of the documents are saved and managed in a secure cloud.
  • Audit Trails and Storage – Every action, every step is documented. You can see an audit trail with independent timestamps. We’ll also store all of your documents in our cloud, so they’re here and secure whenever you need them.

In-Document Payment

In most cases, when someone signs a contract, then they need to pay for the good or service.

This can create a logistical nightmare. If the payment isn’t clearly marked to identify as being associated with a specific contract, the accounting department might struggle to close outstanding invoices and authorize the release of goods and services.

Using WeSignature, you can get a signature and payment at the same time. Your customer or business partner can sign the document and then submit payment via our secure payment network. The money is transferred instantly.

You’ve gotten a document signed and gotten paid, all in one smooth motion.

The Legality of E Signatures

Over 27 countries have laws on the books that make e-signatures legal.

In the United States, it is up to the states to ratify the legality of signatures. The federal government put forth the Uniform Electronics Transactions Act (UETA) in 1999. Since then, 47 states, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands have ratified it. Illinois, New York, and Washington state have created their own similar framework.

There are several layers that are required to make sure that signature is legal. On WeSignature, we’ve made it simple by including everything in our system.

If, however, you use a different Online signature system, make sure it includes the following criteria.

The first step is intent to sign. Recipients have to show that they intend to sign the document. This is done by giving them a decline or opt out button. This is a clear way of saying, “Yes, I intend to sign,” or “No, I don’t intend to sign.”

The next step is consent to do business electronically. The signatory has to show that they planned on using an electronic system to sing the document. With a simple click, they can demonstrate they consent to signing the document electronically. While the simple act of providing a signature is implied consent, most systems include a direct question that asks if the consent to signing the document electronically.

An audit trail of the signature is vital. At WeSignature, we track everything by the user’s IP address, email, and more, as well as the date and time of the signature. This allows proper attribution of the signatories to the right person.

Signatures must be clearly associated with the correct document. This means that a person’s signature can only be transmitted in reference to the correct document, not simply attached later. This creates a clear digital trail that the signature was on the right document.

Retention of Records is the final step. Not only can you download and store a document yourself, but WeSignature retains a copy of the document, signatures, and all electronic verification data, securely stored in our cloud. There the document is available years later if needed.

We Signature – Signing and Payment Made Easy

If you send a lot of contracts or invoices and you want the simplest way to track everything, WeSignature is the answer. We offer everything you need to retain the signatures, with the added bonus of making it possible to pay for the contract or invoice right inside our single service.