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The sales department in any organization is responsible for propelling the growth of the business. It is necessary that business personnel are empowered with the right tools needed to cut down the time spent on mundane activities.

The adoption of e-signature online can enable the sales department to boost revenue, convert hot leads, and establish a seamless workflow. It simplifies the signing process which is a key to close more deals, boost team productivity, and increase the customer base.

WeSignature can help the sales departments in your organization to facilitate the final step of signing contracts smoothly.


Easy and Effective Workflow

The sales representatives in any organization should spend most of their time in selling activities. However, the administrative tasks drive them away from doing so.

When the sales department in your organization will adopt WeSignature, there will be an improved company workflow. Most of the documents will be signed in less than 24 hours using electronic signature technology.

Online document signing can reduce the turnaround time of document processing by as much as 85%. The sales representatives will be able to add notes and fields for the signatures of customers. This will help the customers know where to sign quickly. The entire process will become simple and effective.

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No Touch Reduced Cost Sales

Want to close a deal, but the client is another city or country? No worries! Gone are the days when your sales team had to wait to physically meet the client just for closing a business deal.

With WeSignature, the process of closing deals becomes completely digital, secure, and legally compliant. The sales department can prepare the documents; send them to the customers, and have them back within a few minutes.

What’s more, the company cost of printing, scanning, faxing, or traveling reduces to a great level as well. Join the no-touch low-cost sales club by adopting an online signature solution today.

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WeSignature – Best E-Signature Solution

Sales are the bottom line for all businesses. WeSignature allows you to ensure that you help your sales personnel by giving them the right tools needed to cut down the time spent on other activities.

Simplify the signing process and close more deals with WeSignature. With a completely secure and automated process, WeSignature will become your partner in success by closing more deals quickly.

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