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WeSignature is an alternative to traditional e-signature platforms. It is a powerful yet simple tool to request e-signatures and payments at the same time. WeSignature’s Send, Sign, and Pay themed portal bridges the gap between contract execution and payment collection.
Yes! With WeSignature payments your business can accept payments and signatures in one place!
Requesting a signature is easy! Simply upload a document, position where you want your client to sign, and send away!
Yes! We have built a simple API for you to implement within your own software or website. This can be accessed via our enterprise package.
Yes! Your free account is really a free account! We don't even ask for a credit card.

A signature is a handwritten depiction of an individual’s name that is used as a proof of identity on documents. There was a time when these signatures were only manual, but they have now been replaced with digital signatures online. Other than the digital transformation brought about by digital signatures, the traditional signatures have been replaced because they aren’t consistent, are unsafe and difficult to handle.

On the other hand, online signatures are easy to use, secure, save time, officially verified by banks, governments, regulatory authorities, and are contactless. With a free digital signature, the sender of a document can type the name, create signature online, upload a physical copy and the receiver can simply verify the authenticity with cryptographic techniques. Given the benefits that online signature offers, they are now being adopted by individuals, companies, governments all over the world. Undoubtedly, they are the future.

WeSignature is a digital signature platform that is used to send, sign, save, and access documents online. It automates the business processes by closing the deals quicker, safely, and legally. Users can opt for a 30 days free trial to understand how the platform works and how helpful it can be. It is the best place for digital signatures online because:

  • It is an online signature digital platform that enhances businesses by automating the most significant aspect of closing deals. It is embedded with many applications, industry-specific solutions, integrations, and remarkable APIs.
  • WeSignatures enables you to get anyone signatures digitally without the hassle of managing any paperwork.
  • It provides a user-friendly, digital, and integrated experience to create signatures online.
  • WeSignatues have cross-platform functionality and can be accessed from anywhere. It includes guided forms for signing and payments. It simplifies and accelerates the agreement process much more.
  • It is legal, highly safe, and compliant with all the legal bindings.

The most commonly used digital electronic signature online formats are PDFs and word documents. However, very commonly there are situations in which it is considered rather desirable to send other types of files to send electronically without converting them into PDF first. WeSiganture is a digital signature online platform that supports all types of file formats.

It is a seamless process to sign different types of documents electronically with WeSignature since it supports all types of file types. For instance; in addition to electronic signature PDFs, one can also request to digital signature online word document, a simple picture, an excel file, or any text document.

A digital signature is a kind of e signature online that is a simple and legally recognized manner of indicating consent or approval on a digital document or a form accepted worldwide. The thing that must be noted here is that the electronic signatures are considered valid in almost all parts of the world. Electronic signatures online are legally binding in almost all industries today, even the lesser developed countries are now beginning to enforce e-signature laws.

However, since countries have different laws based when it comes to approving the legality of e-signatures, many international companies that do business abroad consider the e-signatures laws on a worldwide scale.

Worldwide there’s a difference between how the term digital signatures and electronic signatures are used.

Electronic Signature: Electronic signatures are an electronic process, or a symbol attached or logically associated with a contract or any other document. E-signatures are executed to perform online document signing by a person who has a clear intent to sign the document for different purposes.

In other words, e-signature is more like a digital version of a handwritten signature. They are used to showcase the intent to either approve or accept the contents of important documents by either a person or different parties involved.

Digital Signature: Digital signatures are one of the categories of electronic signatures that use algorithms for producing a unique digital fingerprint for each and every document. This digital fingerprint is linked to the signer’s identity and is used to authenticate it.

Fundamentally, one can create signatures online utilizing the public key infrastructure system. The signature software uses an algorithm to produce two keys (a public and a private key) consisting of a sequence of numbers that are essentially linked to each other mathematically.

A digital signature uses cryptography to provide authentic proof of the integrity and origin of every signature while verifying it.

Digital signatures online attach a digital fingerprint to documents for checking the alterations all through the life cycle of a document. Absolutely any unauthorized changes made to these documents are quickly detected with both of the parties being notified at the right time.

The working of digital signatures is something like this:

  • The sender is first required to upload a document and send it for signature.
  • This is then followed by the generation of a cryptographic hash for the sender’s private key which is then appended to the document.
  • This encrypted document is then sent to the recipients with the sender’s public key certificate.
  • The encrypted document is sent to the recipients along with the sender’s public key certificate.
  • The recipients decrypt the hash with the sender’s public key for generating a cryptographic hash for the same document.
  • When both the hash values match up, the authenticity of the digital signature online gets ensured.
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