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E-Signature For The Insurance Industry


SMS Text or Email

Send policies, endorsements, and other documents to customers via text or email so clients can sign on their phone or computer.


WeSignature’s exclusive video feature allows you to upload a video ad, up sell, give directions or just say hello!


Quickly create templates for documents that you use on a regualar basis and apply fields with just one click.


Add agents, CSR’s, and team members to your account and manage those members activity with WeSignature Team Builder.

Collect Payments

Collecting premiums is an important part of contract execution and now you can request payment at the same time your client signs a document.

Go Mobile

With WeSignature you can send your clients an electronic signature request by email or text for them to sign while on the go.

The Only e-Signature Sales Cloud For Insurance

Enhance your workflow by allowing your clients to sign and pay for their insurance in one easy process.

Simplify Your Signature & Sales Process While Staying Compliant

A few WeSignature benefits and features to enhance your agency’s workflow.

  • Documents stored indefinitely
  • Audit trails to record each action taken by a signer
  • Collect premium payments with WeSignature Payments
  • Reduce E&O exposure
  • Signature and payment reminders


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Documents Signed

Streamline Your Insurance Workflow With WeSignature

WeSignature was built around service based businesses and provides everything you need to generate better electronic signature workflows.

Electronic signature for insurance companies

Enhance Workflow

Enhance agreement and payment workflows throughout your entire insurance operations.

Best Practices

We are compliant with major e-sign laws including the ESIGN Act and the UETA Act.

API Integration

With WeSignature's API any Agency Management System can easily integrate to enhance workflows.

Increase Revenue

Your applicants can sign documents and pay within minutes allowing you to close more deals.

Reduce Time

Clients receive electronic signature and payment request allowing them to pay and sign instantly reducing collection time.

Multi Person Signing

Send electronic signature and payment request to multiple clients to execute at the same time without redundant uploading.


Manage your team and provide a faster more efficient way for agents, customers, and companies to collaborate.

E&O Exposure

Documents can be completed within minutes and without the headache of unforseen signature errors reducing E&O risk.

Frequently Asked Questions On Electronic Signature for Insurance

It has become more difficult for insurers and the legislation governing insurance to keep up with technical advancements in electronic signature for insurance and electronic communication.

These technical advancements also created a more noteworthy problem: how to balance the necessity for a person's signature where it is required by law with electronic communications or transmissions that do not involve handwritten signatures.

As far as I had seen, the answer was simple: "electronic signatures for insurance" must be recognized as legal and enforceable under the law. The same thing happened in the broad strokes, as well.

Yes, For insurance purposes electronic signatures are more secure than wet signatures. With enough time and effort, anybody can master the art of signature cloning. The ordinary person also has difficulty determining whether or not a signature was actually created by the signatory.

There are several advantages of electronic signature for insurance to using free electronic signature software, including the fact that it is protected by advanced cryptographic techniques and provides an audit trail for resolving disputes.

Customers increasingly expect ease in all aspects of their lives, including their insurance.

Insurance companies may quickly and electronically capture a customer's signature, saving them the time and effort of downloading, printing, scanning, and shipping signed papers.

In a couple of minutes, companies may finalise agreements from any location, eliminating the need for documentation. As of now, there are various eSign insurance software on the market that may be used. All of them, to a certain extent, provide financial benefits, efficiency, and comfort. However, not all solutions are the same.

From one solution to the next, there might be significant variances in terms of features, functionality, and cost. For your insurance company, there are several factors to consider for esign insurance.

  • Pricing Structure
  • Mobile Capability
  • Compliance to Insurance Laws
  • Easy to use
  • Data Security
  • Integration and implementation

  • Using an eSign insurance software may help your insurance agency streamline operations, creating an online signature, save time, provide better service to customers, and grow the business with esignature for insurance.

    Despite the fact that e-signature for insurance adoption is beneficial to all organisations, the insurance industry stands to benefit the most because of the massive magnitude of paperwork involved. The insurance industry may profit from esignature for insurance technology in several ways.

  • Digitising Documents
  • Improving Workflows
  • Creating Digital Audit Trails
  • Enhancing Customer Experience
  • Increasing Document Security
  • Helping Businesses Go Green
  • Saving Money on Supplies
  • Reducing Errors
  • Enabling Remote Working

  • Our 30-day free trial lets you experience the benefits of eSign insurance for yourself. So you may test our best free electronic signature software without any obligation.

    Documentation is king in the insurance sector. There are several papers that must be compiled on a daily basis, such as lengthy policies and guidelines and suggestions for documenting. Customers should be able to easily sign their insurance policies electronically, which is possible with this compilation.

    To make things as easy as possible for customers, insurance brokers are embracing electronic signatures for the insurance sector. They begin to see that eliminating the need to scan and fax papers for signatures can speed up the signing process.

    Many insurance companies are now employing electronic signatures on insurance policies in order to provide better service to their consumers. According to ESIGN and UETA guidelines, sensitive information is protected via online signatures.

    As a consequence, less paperwork and mail is needed in the brokerage, which results in a faster response time. Customer expectations are readily met by the online insurance company experience, it may be asserted. Using the best electronic document signing software is a great method to do esign insurance documents.

    The use of electronic signature for insurance demonstrates customer empathy, accelerates digital transformation, protects employee interest, and communicates service availability effectively. Right after the implementation of electronic signatures, companies can manage customer expectations in a much more evolved sense.

    This is primarily because there is a frictionless experience that allows remote processes to gain a competitive edge. Any insurance company that has already implemented the electronic signatures software will be able to manage the workflow effectively and without any problem.

    The implementation of e-signature for insurance allows the clients to sign documents for obtaining insurance policies anytime and anywhere within a few minutes only. Once the customers have already taken the decision to purchase a policy, it becomes easy for them to use electronic signatures to finalize the process.

    The process of signing the documents can be completed from home or any other place where almost immediately a gadget including a tablet, mobile phone, computer, etc. This way, the insurance companies are able to offer exceptional user experience to their customers while also getting the work done at a remarkable speed and mobility.

    When the focus is on integrating the e-signature solution in the right way, the overall administrative overhead is reduced significantly along with the cost which further leads to lesser human errors.

    The implementation of electronic signature for insurance is a cost-effective method to complete the document completion process as it prevents any unnecessary delays and even wasted attempts. Once the insurance companies invest in a solution such as esign insurance, the result is remarkable because all the money that gets invested starts to make sense in the bigger picture.

    The use of e-signature for insurance businesses can easily replace a handwritten signature in the completion of insurance policy documents. The customers are now used to dealing with the bank and retailers and they expect the same from the insurance providers.

    The fact is that e-signature allows the users to affix their signature to a digital document. The platforms also offer the customer convenience and simplicity for important transactions along with a complete and legally enforceable electronic record of IP addresses, dates and times, etc.

    The e-signature for insurance solutions adds enhanced security capabilities to the insurance business processes. Many users might also feel required to offer a password, confirm a message and even answer questions on the basis of public records for establishing identity.

    There has been continued evolution consistent with the tracking of documents and storage procedures that enhances the audit trail needed in cases of a dispute and a data breach. The insurance companies that use the e-sign insurance software are likely to find ways for optimizing security problems in an effective manner.

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