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WeSignature is compliant with signature laws including ESIGN and UETA. Our site is SSL encrypted and hosted on Amazon servers.

Digital electronic signature Easy to Send Easy to Sign

Your recipients can easily click a link and then sign on their computer or mobile device. No need for them to sign up or download. All documents are saved and managed in the cloud.

best esignature services Integrated Payments

Accept payments from your clients securely when you sign up for WeSignature payments. Clients can sign and pay at the same time.

Free electronic signature Audit Trails And Storage

Each action is recorded. Every signer gets a copy of the e-signature archives. They are stored safely along with a complete audit trail.



$0 / Month

5 Documents

1 Senders

0 templates

status notifications

audit trail


$12 / Month

150 Documents

2 Senders

3 templates

status notifications

data validation

user information

audit trail


$45 / Month

1000 Documents

10 Senders

10 templates

status notifications

data validation

api integration

user information

audit trail


$80 / Month

2000 Documents

15 Senders

20 templates

status notifications

data validation

api integration

user information

audit trail

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WeSignature is an alternative to traditional e-signature platforms. It is a powerful yet simple tool to request e-signatures and payments at the same time. WeSignature’s Send, Sign, and Pay themed portal bridges the gap between contract execution and payment collection.
Yes! With WeSignature payments your business can accept payments and signatures in one place!
Requesting a signature is easy! Simply upload a document, position where you want your client to sign, and send away!
Yes! We have built a simple API for you to implement within your own software or website. The API can be found under settings in your Free account.
Yes! Your free account is really a free account! We don't even ask for a credit card.
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