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Powerful Electronic Signature Software

Whether you’re collecting signatures and payments for a few deals or a few hundred deals, WeSignature provides the tools to enhance your workflow

Go Mobile

With WeSignature you can send your clients an electronic signature request by email or text for them to sign while on the go.

Collect Payments

Payment collection is an important part of contract execution and now you can request payment at the same time your client signs a document.

Use Templates

Quickly create templates for documents that you use on a regular basis and apply fields with just one click.

Text To Sign

Send e-signature requests to your client’s phone so they can sign documents while on the go.

Add Video

Add a video intro and outro to your signature request to market, upsell, give directions, or simply say hello.

Build A Team

Add teams members to your account and manage those members activity with WeSignature Team Builder.

Custom Branding

Uploading your company logo makes the process look and feel more polished for your clients as they sign documents and make payments.

Store Documents

Are you tired of losing track of files on your computer? WeSignature saves all e-signed documents directly on our platform so you can reference them any time you need to.

An e-Signature Solution For Any Business

E-Signature For The Insurance Industry

Start free 30-day trial

  • Documents can be completed within minutes and without the headache of
    unforeseen signature errors reducing E&O risk.
  • Collect payments at the same time you request signatures. Simply add a
    payment request right to your insurance document.
  • Organize your agents by creating a team and designate users admins to
    oversee your staff.

E-Signature For The Banking Industry

Start free 30-days trial

  • Build and maintain robust financial processes that eliminate
    costly mistakes.
  • Protect sensitive information with enterprise-grade security and
    world class servers from Amazon.
  • Add team members to your account and manage those members activity
    with WeSignature Team Builder.

E-Signature For The Construction Industry

Start free 30-day trial

  • Send out construction proposals and reminders to your clients for
    signing in seconds.
  • Collect payments from your clients at the same time your request
    signatures eliminating delays in payments.
  • Create your team and allow them to engage in the construction
    contract process.

E-Signature For The Education Industry

Start free 30-Day trial

  • Sign education forms, field trip forms, collect signatures, and process
    payments in one place.
  • Invite your fellow colleagues to collaborate with WeSignature Teams on
    important education documents.
  • Send mobile e-signature request to parents so they can sign documents
    while on the go.

E-Signature For The Entertainment Industry

Start free 30-Day trial

  • Media professionals cut down on paperwork by using WeSignature’s legally
    binding e-Signature Sales Cloud
  • Work with documents, templates, and share with your team no matter where
    you are located.
  • Send e-signature request to your clients so they can sign documents
    while on the go.

E-Signature For The IT Industry

Start free 30-Day trial

  • IT Operations manage electronic signature collection and payments by using
    WeSignature’s legally binding e-Signature Sales Cloud.
  • With WeSignature you can send your clients a electronic signature request by
    email or text for them to sign while on the go.
  • Add account managers and team members to manage those members activity with
    WeSignature Team Builder.

E-Signature For The Real Estate Industry

Start free 30-Day trial

  • Real Estate Agencies streamline their electronic signature collection
    by using WeSignature’s legally binding e-Signature Sales Cloud
  • Get rental applications and agreements signed instantly via email or
    by SMS texting contract to your clients.
  • Send e-signature request to your clients so they can sign documents
    while on the go.

E-Signature For The Sales Industry

Start free 30-day trial

  • Sales teams accelerate their electronic signature and payment collection by using
    WeSignature’s legally binding e-Signature Sales Cloud
  • Add Sales staff, CSR’s, and team members to your account and manage those
    members activity with WeSignature Team Builder.
  • Send e-signature request to your clients so they can sign documents
    while on the go.

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  • Free 30-day trial. Choose the plan you need and try WeSignature risk-free.
  • Intuitive and Easy To Use. WeSignature is designed to be easy to understand. If it’s not easy, it’s hard!
  • Pricing, Pricing, Pricing! Our pricing is the most unique and affordable in the industry.

Unlock the power of
Electronic Signatures,
Payments, and Video

Signature & Payment Notifications

Intuitive design, powerful results:

Experience our user-friendly dashboard

Know Where You Stand

An All-In-One Solution for your Workflow

  • Request signatures quickly using email or the WeSignature SMS Text feature.
  • Collect real-time payments from clients using our in-house payment system, or with one of our preferred payment partners.
  • Build your companies online reputation by utilizing our built in Google Review feature. Clients can sign, pay, and leave you a Google Review.

For A Better Solution

Request Signatures, Payments, and Incorporate Video in one easy step.

Frequently Asked Questions On Free Electronic Signature Software

Speed up your signature collection and sales process with the best
free electronic signature software and the only e-Signature Sales Cloud

Yes, Signing is always free with WeSignature free e-Signature software. It’s also free for our users for the first 30 days. Once a document is sent for signature your clients will be guided through the signing process by simple instructions. A copy of the agreement will be emailed to them and you once they click Finish. Begin your 30-day free trial now.

The most commonly used formats are electronic signature in PDF files and Word documents. However, very commonly there are situations in which it is considered rather desirable to send other types of files electronically without converting them into PDF first. WeSignature’s electronic signature software supports most file formats. For instance; Using our e-sign software, you can also request to add electronic signature to Word documents, a simple picture, or any text document.

An electronic signature is a legally recognized manner of indicating consent or approval on a digital document or a form and is mostly accepted worldwide.
The thing that must be noted here is that the electronic signatures are considered valid in almost all parts of the world. Legally binding electronic signatures are almost accepted in all industries today, even lesser developed countries are now beginning to enforce electronic signature laws.
However, since countries have different laws based when it comes to approving the legality of e-signatures, it is always good to verify with your country’s laws and the company you work with.

An electronic signature is a digital version of a person’s handwritten signature that may be created on a variety of devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones, using the right software.

They’re used to verify the integrity and authenticity of an electronic version of a signed document. eSignatures are useful for electronically certifying papers with a single click.

They also assist businesses in quickly concluding transactions, managing important records, and saving time and money.

Take a look!

After sending the document or contracts for electronic signature, you have choice to see real time stats or updates throughout the entire signing process via WeSignature dashboard.

You may get and inspect the eSignature audit certificate after the receiver has eSigned the sales contract.

Remember, effective paperwork digitization improves your workflow!

WeSignature allows you to simply upload and sign PDF’s and Word document files with our electronic signature software.

There are numerous advantages to using online e Signature software. You may keep your clients’ personal information safe by allowing them to sign their tax documents online. Using our electronic signing software allows you to provide an extra layer of password protection when you are requesting signatures.

There is a major difference between digital signatures and electronic signatures.

Electronic Signature Software: Electronic signatures are an electronic process, or a symbol attached or logically associated with a contract or any other document.

E-signatures are executed to perform online document signing by a person who has a clear intent to sign the document for different purposes. In other words, e-signature is more like a digital version of a handwritten signature. They are used to showcase the intent to either approve or accept the contents of important documents by either a person or different parties involved.

Digital Signature: Digital signatures are one of the categories of electronic signatures that use algorithms for producing a unique digital fingerprint for each and every document. This digital fingerprint is linked to the signer’s identity and is used to authenticate it. Fundamentally, one can create an online signature utilizing the public key infrastructure system.


We’ve improved our document signing capabilities for any device, so anyone can use our electronic signature service to add an electronic signature to their PDF files or Word files at any time and from anywhere.

Customization, long-term integration, and compatibility are the three major advantages that propel us forward.

WeSignature is a strong and versatile workspace for automating collaborative procedures based on the demands of the user. Our standardized solution works on every device and operating system, and it’s simple to integrate with a variety of business tools.


WeSignature is a fantastic electronic signature software that is used to send, sign, save, and access documents online. It automates the business processes by closing the deals quicker, safely, and legally. Users can opt for a 30 days free trial to understand how the platform works and how helpful it can be.

WeSignature is embedded with other applications, industry-specific solutions, integrations, using our API’s.

WeSignature has cross-platform functionality and can be accessed from anywhere. It includes guided forms for signing and payments. It simplifies and accelerates the agreement process and much more. It is legal, safe, compliant, and legal binding.

This is an simple process for a signer. A signer will simply open the email or text they receive and click on the sign now link. They will sign the places marked and click done. Document is signed!

Yes. You can send your client a request via SMS text by simply switching from sending by email to a phone number.

Our simple free esign software makes it easy and convenient for any customer to sign and return documents in a few quick clicks. No sign up is required. After someone receives an SMS text signing link or email invitation, they can eSign the document by typing, drawing or uploading their signature.

No. Your client will not need to pay to sign documents. It is free for signers. Our service is only paid by the user after a 30-day free trial and not it’s signers.

No. Our service is month to month and no contract is required. We hope you enjoy our free esignature service and for that reason we don’t tie you in to long contracts that you can’t get out of. If you need to cancel you can by simply canceling in the account setting of your profile.

Once a document is signed there is no way to edit that document. Our service records the transaction as it occurs and saves it for validity and legal reasons.

You can add video before and after a signer signs a document. You can record yourself or upload a video from your desktop.

Absolutely! You can request a demo on our home page or you can send us and email at:

You can contact the support team by going to the resources tab on the home page and then clicking on the Contact Us in the drop down. You can call us directly and talk to someone immediately or you can send us an email.

Simply click on the Templates tab, choose the document you want to add your fields to, add how many signers will be signing and then click the save button. You have created your first template.

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