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The businesses have done accounting documentation on paper for a long time. However, the majority of transactions are expected to originate on a mobile device in the coming future. This is why accountants must be prepared to allow eSignature solutions for all documents transmitted electronically.

An electronic signature software for accountants enables the accountants to maintain audit trails of all the signed agreements and consent forms. In addition, it also helps in keeping sensitive information free from any kind of fraud or accidental exposure.


Accelerate Accounting Processes

The entire idea behind implementing an electronic signature software for accountants is to improve the sales of a business. However, the impact on accounting departments can be significant as well.

Rather than managing paperwork that might require many signatures, the accountants can greatly reduce the document preparation process by using the templates. This can lead to great savings because of reduced time for printing, scanning, and mailing papers.

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Seamless Accounting Operations

Businesses face a common problem of monitoring the progress of documents that usually stay with one department for days before going to the next. The use of WeSignature can ease the process of offering the required signatures internally among the employees of a company. These documents can be used for board resolutions, consents, corporate documentation, and email votes.

The use of online document signing also delays any problems of missing signatures when it comes to signing expense reports. The entire operation runs in a more organized way because the document moves in the right order from one person to another.

No need to make hard copies at any point. What usually takes weeks can now be completed in just one day. The employees can be reimbursed quickly and accountants can also finalize the financial close quickly on a monthly basis.

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Automated and Effective Workflow System

People use document management systems, invoicing portals, electronic signature software for accountants, etc for managing accounts operations. The modern world customers wish to do business with accountants and tax professionals who are using online signature technology for their official transactions.

The use of WeSignature can remove all physical boundaries and increase efficiencies for developing, sharing, and archiving documentation. To ensure that the workflow automation of small businesses is efficient and streamlined, it is crucial to establish a system that prevents lost or missing of any documentation.

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