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Marketing Department

The marketing teams have a prime objective of staying productive, creative, and focused on the customers. They cannot afford to delay the internal processes or get bogged down by chasing the managers for approvals.

Marketing includes maintaining a customer’s database, tracking and nurturing sales leads, and also monitoring all media channels. The marketing departments are in fact responsible for ensuring projects to completion and ensuring buy-in from other departments within an organization. This includes printing documents for marking, editing, and approval.

With WeSignature, it is not necessary to go through this manual process. The process can be quickened and marketing functions can be made efficient. Online document signing can empower the complete marketing team.

Visibility of Documents

The use of e-signature helps in ensuring clear document visibility including the approval stages and access to notes that have an impact on the validation stage. This also improves productivity and automated alerts for those who are left to sign while ensuring that projects get completed at the right time.

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Cost Reduction

So many people still think that going paperless is actually unrealistic. However, a big part of that is that there has been a perceived necessity for a paper-based signature from traditional times. With electronic signatures, there can be a reduction in the printing and scanning cost without any revision.

In addition, WeSignature also offers complete support for all kinds of compliance. The marketing team can do everything digital without worrying about the authenticity or legality of the process.

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Seamless Document Workflow

WeSignature helps marketing professionals to keep the document workflow going on the move. It is available on any device so users can safely sign the documents anywhere and at any time. No matter where the users might be, the documents can be easily managed and signed.

Although legal and compliance issues may not be so critical for marketing departments, contract signing is a must. WeSignature helps long-term online signatures to make sure that documents are not tampered with and are also valid for future use.

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