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Procurement Department

All stages in the procurement process depend on extensive documentation and approval. Starting from initial purchase requisition and requests for quotation to bid analysis, purchase orders, contracts, and goods received, all components must be read, checked, administered, approved, and filed while the documents make their way in the supply chain.

With e signature solutions for procurement, the time of this process can be reduced by getting signatures on important documents. Business inefficiency impacts the bottom line which also affects the company’s ability to compete. With WeSignature, there can be streamlined contract management and a reduction in any errors.

Quick Approval Process

Procurement executives have to chase the signers across the building for sending, tracking, receiving, and accessing documents from anywhere. With online signatures, the managers could be working remotely but the approval process will not be held up. This is simply because the documents will be signed electronically.

Furthermore, WeSignature supports many file formats which also means that everything can be easily converted into PDF format. The documents can be secure and valid for a long time while not being restricted to any vendor format.

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Verification Evidence for Secure Procurement

Many business levels are included for the final approval required for procurement departments. With e signature solutions for procurement, businesses can benefit from verification evidence embedded in WeSignature. This evidence includes the identity of the signer, attribution status, issuer’s identity, and signing time in accordance with a reliable timestamp.

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Security and Transparency

WeSignature offers high security and validity for ensuring privacy and transparency of the data shared in digital certificates. It is a safe digital solution that allows all the concerned parties to access it. The information can be signed digitally to ensure that data stays secure and does not change in transit.

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