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E-Signature Tools for Meida Professionals



Send approvals and agreeements to professionals via email so they can electronically sign on their phone or computer.


WeSignature’s exclusive video feature allows you to upload a video ad, up sell, give directions or just say hello!


Quickly create templates for documents that you use on a regualar basis and apply fields with just one click.


Add agents, CSR’s, and team members to your account and manage those members activity with WeSignature Team Builder.

Collect Payments

Collecting premiums is an important part of contract execution and now you can request payment at the same time your client signs a document.

Go Mobile

With WeSignature you can send your clients a electronic signature request by email or text for them to sign while on the go.

Media Professionals Streamline Their Workflow With WeSignature

Enhance your workflow by allowing your clients to electronically sign documents in one easy step.

The Show Goes On While Reducing Paperwork Hassles

A few WeSignature use cases for media firms and professionals

  • Actor Agreements
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Location Rentals
  • Purchase Orders
  • Shoot Approvals
  • Casting Agreements


Happy Agents






Documents Signed

Streamline Your Administrative Task With WeSignature

WeSignature expedites the cumbersome print and sign process enhancing your teams workflow.

Electronic signature for Entertainment Industry

Enhance Workflow

Enhance agreement and payment workflows throughout your entire insurance operations.

Best Practices

We are PCI compliant as a service provider internally employing the best security practices.

API Integration

With WeSignature's API any Agency Management System can easily integrate to enhance workflows.

Increase Revenue

Your applicants can sign documents and pay within minutes allowing you to close more deals.

Reduce Time

Clients receive electronic signature and payment request allowing them to pay and sign instantly reducing collection time.

Multi Person Signing

Send electronic signature and payment request to multiple clients to execute at the same time without redundant uploading.


Manage your team and provide a faster more efficient way for agents, customers, and companies to collaborate.

Reduce E&O Exposure

Documents can be completed within minutes and without the headache of unforseen signature errors reducing E&O risk.

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