10 Benefits of Electronic Signatures For Streamlining Your Sales OPS

As companies continue to transform digitally, online document signing has become a significant part of carrying out the day to day business operations. Almost all industries that require regular paperwork have shown an increased inclination and need towards going digital.

In the past couple of years, the number of private and government organizations that have adopted electronic signatures has been remarkable. It is expected that the electronic signature market size will increase by 34.7% and reach USD 9073.1 million by 2023. The benefits of electronic signatures can be attributed to the growth of this number.

Giving up the traditional way of using pen and paper leads to efficiency, progress, cost savings, saving time, being legally compliant, etc. Based on a report by the Electronic Signature and Record Association, businesses experience a performance improvement of 83%. Therefore, one of the most intelligent decisions that business representatives can make is to go paperless and implement the best electronic document signing software.

To understand this better, let’s talk about sales ops. Other than making projections and moving past some challenges, the job of selling representatives is to deal with consistent paperwork and save data. Now the benefits of electronic signatures are such that they help in enhancing the sales operations considerably.

Other than selling things to the target audience, the employees spend a large amount of time managing the papers. By using a freehand sign generator, they can empower themselves to use their time constructively and work efficiently.

Supplement Your Remote Working and Go Paperless With E-Signature Adoption

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Contracts, approvals, invoices, quotes are managed well with their implementation. In addition to managing the workflow, this results in generating healthy relationships and empowering the efficiency of professionals.

10 Benefits of Using Electronic Signature

1. No Hassle of Paperwork

Contracts, agreements, and approvals, all are an integral part of sales operations. Roughly, it takes around three to six days to collect the signatures in-person or through fax. This hassle of paperwork delays the working flow and decreases the overall turnaround time.

With the use of electronic document signing, the salespeople are able to create, send and sign the documents effortlessly. The benefits of electronic signatures are such that they help in increasing the overall turnaround exceptionally which accelerates the sales performance.

There is no wastage of time on repetitive questions or a chance of missing out on any information. More than anything, the documents can be saved and stored in digital form all through their lifespan so whenever one needs to verify the documents, they can be opened digitally.

2. Seamless Workflow

A business succeeds in the true sense only when the sales span geographic boundaries. When the company is in the expansion phase, the selling process is not just limited to one specific location.

It ranges across different countries in the world because the target audience belongs to different corners.

To make sure that the sales process becomes successful, the importance of easy collaboration between two or more parties is important so that eventually the workflow becomes easier and more productive.

The remote signing and document authentication of WeSignature generates a seamless workflow.

Someone can be living in another corner of the world but that will not be a concern when it comes to sending the physical documents. It is possible to send the online documents within a couple of seconds.

There is no requirement for scanning or mailing and the professionals can get straight to the business of signing.

3. Quicker and Productive Sales

The process of sales involves enforcing decisions that usually follow the process of going through many documents. Different stakeholders, managers, and employees are supposed to give their approvals. Once this approval is attained in the right order, it is only after that a document can reach its end.

Obviously, the greater the time spent in the completion of the signing process, the more time it will take to implement important decisions into actions and fulfill the targets. This lag delays the final results because the decisions go missing amongst all the long formalities and the optimum momentum is lost.

In case the representatives want to quicken the process and make it more productive then it is pertinent to shorten the time gap between taking a decision and implementing it. The benefits of electronic signatures enable the sales representatives to make quick decisions because the turnaround time is reduced considerably.

The best e-signature service for small businesses comes into the picture doing just the same. With this facility, all the necessary people in the pipeline, signing off the documents in question, and sealing the approval into effect becomes easy. This contributes to increasing the productivity of sales.

4. Time-Saving With Fewer Errors

Traditionally, the usual time needed to prepare a document and get it signed used to take a minimum of one week. These times used to vary depending on how far or near the people were from each other.

It is obvious how time-intensive this process was with the paper-based signs. Plus, in case of any errors, the time used to increase even more. The online contract signing makes the entire process gets over within seconds. Businesses that go paperless cut down on their processing with fewer errors.

It doesn’t matter how far the people might be from one another, they can still collaborate with each other and sign the papers in a short period of time. This is a boon for sales operations because time-saving allows achieving the targets quickly and efficiently.

5. High Safety and Security

In this time of the digital revolution, it is necessary to form a balance between encouraging sales while ensuring safety and legality. The customers must feel protected and satisfied. To make sure that this happens, companies have a responsibility of securing the data of customers.

Managing paper documents is quite difficult as they are prone to get stolen, destroyed, tampered with, misplaced, etc. In contrast to this, electronic signs are able to provide much better security for documents. Almost 81% of businesses consider using handwritten signature generator as the most important legal and safe aspect for carrying out daily operations.

They are compliant with exceptional security measures that help in sending, receiving, and storing the e-documents. WeSignature is a platform that does not just facilitate electronic document signing but also helps in recording all the important evidence related to transactions that ensure legitimacy and authenticity.

6. Increases Mobility

If you have a workforce that is working remotely then sending physical documents can be somewhat of a problem. However, the benefits of electronic signatures come to the rescue in this factor as well.

With the adoption of an electronic signature solution, you can send papers electronically which extends your reach by allowing you to send them anywhere and at any time. Furthermore, obtaining and signing documents on mobile devices reduces turnaround time and provides greater convenience to customers.

7. Ensures Compliance

In all commercial dealings, you must adhere to regulatory compliance policies. If you’re audited, not keeping track of papers to comply with compliance requirements could cause trouble.

In order to avoid litigation and fines, it is necessary to ensure that documents are complete and undamaged. One of the best ways to make sure that all your documents are safe at all times is by adopting an electronic signature solution.

You can make sure that the documents are kept safe and in conformity with state and federal requirements thanks to e-signature encryption technology. This is another one of the benefits of electronic signatures that make it a preferred choice.

8. Saving Cost

Electronic signature not only saves time but also saves money. There is no need to spend money on paper and ink because there is no documentation involved. 

Though this may appear insignificant on an individual level, it is a significant issue for huge corporations, particularly for businesses/transactions that require a significant amount of documentation.

One of the biggest benefits of electronic signatures is to save travel costs because unlike wet signatures, it does not require the signer to be present in person. It can all be done remotely in a secure and efficient manner.

More and more industries are becoming more cost-conscious. For example, the finance industry is lowering its reliance on paper and adopting electronic signatures. Printing, scanning and overnight delivery are also no longer necessary.

9. Boosts Efficiency

Implementing an electronic signature solution can save a lot of time! Electronic signatures not only provide clear tracking to improve transaction follow-up but also reduce internal and external transmission procedures.

No longer need to print, scan, deliver services and collect signatures on multiple business trips. Don’t even think about physical archiving! With the help of safe, high-performance, and the best electronic signature software, you can easily identify your evidence files in a simple and secure platform.

10. Environmental

The use of an electronic signature solution has a significant positive influence on the environment and overall sustainable development. Travel is substantially reduced while signing remotely.

The signature can be completed remotely, at any time, and from any location. The importance of electronic signature does not only eliminate the need for travel when signing papers but also minimizes the amount of paper used.

Your documents do not need to be printed, photocopied, or physically archived. Contracts, mandates, leases, letters, and other documents are digitized and stored in a secure environment.


WeSignature is dedicated to assisting businesses to achieve seamless sales with legal and security compliance. In case the employees need to close more deals quickly then the benefits of using electronic signature in the sales operations is pertinent. It is a guaranteed way to close the deals effectively and meet the targets on time.