Five Benefits of Implementing E-Signatures for Streamlining Your Sales OPS

As companies continue to transform digitally, electronic signing has become a significant part of carrying out the day to day business operations. Almost all industries that require regular paperwork have shown an increased inclination and need towards going digital. It is expected that the electronic signature market size increase by 34.7% and reach USD 9073.1 million by 2023.

Giving up the traditional way of using pen and paper leads to efficiency, progress, cost savings, saving time, being legally compliant, etc. Based on a report by the Electronic Signature and Record Association, businesses experience a performance improvement of 83%. Therefore, one of the most intelligent decisions that business representatives can make is to go paperless and implementing the online document signing.

To understand this better, let’s talk about sales ops. Other than making projections and moving past some challenges, the job of selling representatives is to deal with consistent paperwork and saving data. Other than selling things to the target audience, the employees spend a large amount of time in managing the papers. By using a freehand sign generator, they can empower themselves to use their time constructively and work efficiently.

Contracts, approvals, invoices, quotes are managed well with their implementation. In addition to managing the workflow, this results in generating healthy relationships and empowering the efficiency of professionals.

Let’s look at big five benefits of e-signature solutions:


Contracts, agreements, and approvals, all are an integral part of sales operations. Roughly, it takes around three to six days to collect the signatures in-person or through fax. This hassle of paperwork delays the working flow and decreases the overall turnaround.

With the use of electronic document signing, the sales people are able to create, send and sign the documents effortlessly. According to Forbes, this process helps in increasing the overall turnaround exceptionally which accelerates the sales performance.

The users can define every single field, decide the order of the events and gain better visibility in the advancement of the contract. The option of creating reminders for signers also helps in completing the workflow.

There is no wastage of time on repetitive questions or a chance of missing out on any information. More than anything, the documents stay in the digital form all through their lifespan.


The selling process is not just limited to one specific location. It ranges across different countries in the world because the target audience belongs to different corners.

The importance of easy collaboration between two or more parties is important to make the sales workflow easier and productive. The remote signing and document authentication of WeSignature generates a seamless workflow.

Someone can be living in another corner of the world but will receive the documents within a couple of seconds. There is no requirement for scanning or mailing and the professionals can get straight to the business of signing.


The process of sales involves enforcing decisions that usually follow the process of going through many documents. Different stakeholders, managers, and employees are supposed to give their approvals.

Obviously, the greater the time spent in the completion of the signing process, the more time it will take to implement important decisions into actions and fulfill the targets. This lag delays the final results because the decisions go missing amongst all the long formalities and the optimum momentum is lost.

In case the representatives want to quicken the process and make it more productive then it is pertinent to shorten the time gap between taking a decision and implementing it.

E-Signature solution comes into the picture doing just the same. With this facility, all the necessary people in the pipeline, signing off the documents in question and sealing the approval into effect becomes easy. This contributes to increasing the productivity of sales.


Traditionally, the usual time needed to prepare a document and getting it signed used to take a minimum of one week. These times used to vary depending on how far or near the people were from each other.

It is obvious how time-intensive this process was with the paper-based signs. Plus, in case of any errors, the time used to increase even more. The online contract signing makes the entire process gets over within seconds. Businesses that go paperless cut down on their processing with fewer errors.

It doesn’t matter how far the people might be from one another, they can still collaborate with each other and sign the papers in a short period of time. This is a boon for sales operations because time-saving allows achieving the targets quickly and efficiently.


In this time of the digital revolution, it is necessary to form a balance between encouraging sales while ensuring safety and legality. The customers must feel protected and satisfied.

Managing paper documents is quite difficult as they are prone to get stolen, destroyed, tampered, misplaced, etc. In contrast to this, the electronic signs are able to provide much better security for the documents. Almost 81% of businesses consider using e-Signatures as the most important legal and safe aspect for carrying out daily operations.

They are compliant with exceptional security measures that help in sending, receiving and storing the e-documents. WeSignature is a platform that does not just facilitate electronic document signing but it also helps in recording all the important evidence related to transactions that ensure legitimacy and authenticity.


WeSignature is dedicated to assisting businesses to achieve seamless sales with legal and security compliance. In case the employees need to close more deals quickly then the implementation of e-signatures in the sales operations is pertinent. It is a guaranteed way to close the deals effectively and meet the targets on time.Next →