There is a common perception amongst people that the insurance industry is one of those fields that is always a little reluctant to changes. The comprehensive purpose of this industry has stayed more or less constant for some years, more so in terms of offering special coverage to individuals. There are still some insurance companies that prefer getting a client to physically sign the insurance documents for incepting a particular policy. On the other hand,
The relevance of personal computing started becoming prevalent during the late nineties. Organizations started relying on quick processing of data and efficient computations for carrying out significant business processes. Businesses operate to capitalize on every opportunity that comes their way. Since time has always been considered as money, anything that led to minimizing delays in the workflow worked like a boon. The quick transformation from manual to digital processes has taken all areas of life.
Organizations spend a lot of time compiling, sending and then tracking the documents to their clients. Most businesses waste more than 10 hours on a weekly basis for completing and managing their documents. Especially, the small and medium-sized businesses where one person assumes many different roles suffer considerably because every minute and payment is important for the success of a business. However, the E-Signatures portals come to the rescue by eliminating this problem. The feature
As companies continue to transform digitally, electronic signing has become a significant part of carrying out the day to day business operations. Almost all industries that require regular paperwork have shown an increased inclination and need towards going digital. It is expected that the electronic signature market size increase by 34.7% and reach USD 9073.1 million by 2023. Giving up the traditional way of using pen and paper leads to efficiency, progress, cost savings, saving time, being