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WeSignature saves time, saves cost, and gives businesses the ability to obtain legally binding signatures from anywhere they have an internet connection.

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Speeds Up Signature Collection

Waiting on a wet signature causes delays in the ability to close deals. Typically a signer will have to wait for the sender to mail a document and then the signer will have to sign and mail the document back. E-Signature reduces the signature collection time and reduces errors.

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Collect Payments At The Time Of Signing

WeSignature Payments powered by ZifflePay, is a unique feature that allows businesses to collect payment at the time a signer, signs a document request. This eliminates the need for multiple programs to achieve the desired result. Clients can Pay and Sign in one place.

WeSignature Offers A Cost Effective Way To Request
Esignatures and Collect Payments

When using WeSignature Payments you get paid instantly. When it’s time for your client to sign, you simply enter the amount that you want your client to pay and the customer can pay with a credit card or debit card at the same time they are signing. This is fast and convenient for your clients and reduces the risk of non-pay for your business.

It makes sense to connect payments and signatures. 72% of all businesses experience delays in payment after a signature is received. This is due to a two step process and multiple pieces of software to collect payment and signatures. WeSignature reduces these delays by 60% by combining the two steps into one.



$0 / Month

05 Documents

-1 Senders


$12 / Month

250 Documents

2 Senders


$45 / Month

1000 Documents

10 Senders


$80 / Month

2000 Documents

15 Senders

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Create digital signature online free
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