Best eSignature Software for Small Business in 2023

The world is being defined by digitization as technological solutions continue to transform personal and professional lives in considerable ways.

The act of signing physical documents with a pen is increasingly becoming an old practice. As the world went into a lockdown and businesses moved to work remotely, best esignature service for small businesses became more sort of a norm.

The physical signatures require in-person meetings, scanning, printing, mailing, and faxing the documents to the receiver. This process is lengthy, tedious, and demands many resources.

A perfect solution to this process during the COVID times was the use of an electronic signature online. It helped in automating the signing process and saving employees from uncalled for hassles.

Out of the many changes brought up by the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working and going paperless has been a significant one.

The use of electronic signatures benefited many companies and individuals at this time. This is why it is impractical to use handwritten signatures for individual and business use.

If you are also running a business then you must realize that it is significant for you to supplement it with the adoption of the best esignature service for small businesses.

It will allow you to improve your work performance and productivity while also avoiding the problem linked with the age-old practice of handwritten signatures.

Supplement Your Remote Working and Go Paperless With E-Signature Adoption

WeSignature is a best esignature service for small businesses that enables quick, productive, cost-effective, and legally compliant document signing process. Adopt this solution today and transform your business completely.

Below, we will see all about electronic signature and how using the best e-signature software for small businesses supplements remote working and paperless workflow.

What is Electronic Signature Software for Small Businesses?

An e-signature or an electronic signature is an encoding method of making a signature done with the purpose of authenticating an electronic document. The software that allows small businesses to sign a document on the internet can be called the best esignature service for small businesses.

You can easily upload a document with your computer, smartphone, tablet and send it to many people using the e-signature service. The receivers can sign it online without any need of following the traditional process. The use of e-signature can easily help you to collect and store signatures by adding entry forms into the documents.

Choosing the best esignature software for small businesses will ensure productivity, security, and legality. You can verify the signature and safeguard all the data entered in the software with strong encryption. The software provider can offer many security features such as audit logs, authentication, and a lot more.

To give an example, remember when you sign your name electronically on a device while receiving a parcel at home? Yes, that is an e-signature.

Going Paperless With Best E-Signature Service for Small Business

In the past, confidential documents were signed in a traditional way. The sender would retrieve the documents to be signed by mail or print. The documents would then be sent to the receivers for taking their handwritten signature so that eventually they could be returned to the person who created and stored the data.

This process ended up costing a lot of time and money. Also, when the documents got back, many additional steps were also needed.

In fact, people have been using official documents with online signatures for many years now. If we talk about 100 years in the past, people used Morse code and telegrams. In the 1970s, many businesses and individuals started using fax machines for sending documents.

Even though the signature on official documents is shown on paper, the process of sending and receiving these documents is based entirely on signals. At present, the development of technological solutions has led to the use of online signatures.

In the present business landscape, there is a demand for speeding up the work processes. This helps in optimizing efficiency and ensuring data security as well. The use of electronic signature for small businesses continues to grow. It is one of the best means to verify documents and attain quick and safe authentication.

These days, individuals and companies can go paperless with the development and use of the best e-signature for small businesses. Users can secure, view, and sign the documents online and remove most of the time-consuming steps because the entire thing is done online.

E-signature is responsible for identifying the person who signs the document and is also pretty equivalent to the traditional signature.

Remote Working With Electronic Signature for Small Business:

Today, most companies around the world are empowered with the tools that facilitate electronic communication. These tools are responsible for carrying out the remote work seamlessly and efficiently.

That said, there are still some processes that businesses do in an office only. This includes printing documents, getting them signed, and sharing confidential information.

Although there is a better way to manage these processes as well, most employees are not used to doing them electronically. As professionals worked remotely during COVID-19, it paid well to explore all that has changed about sharing confidential information.

Online software applications such as electronic signature for small businesses have been a source of ensuring security. The implementation of e signature for small business brings security, legal compliance, and efficiency.

All companies that took a timely decision to implement the electronic signature tool have supported their remote working processes as well. This is a tool that has made remote work easy and efficient.

The pandemic that COVID-19 brought with it ended up fostering a remote working method and preparedness in organizations.

Importance of Best eSignature Service for Small Business

Numerous factors have been responsible for driving small businesses over industries to adopt electronic signatures and go paperless. From financial services, education, insurance, healthcare to mortgages, the use of e-signatures is prevalent.

In the COVID-19 times, e-signatures have supplemented the remote work trend phenomenally while helping businesses to overcome challenges.

Below, we will see the importance of e-signature software for small business and how it can help in simplifying the remote working process.

1. Security

There is considerable data that needs to be transferred electronically each day. The nature of data is sensitive and small businesses have a responsibility to ensure that it stays secure. The choice to create electronic signatures makes it easy to protect confidential information while ensuring that it ends up with the right person.

A strong and obvious indicator of this is that companies can experience convenience in closing the deals effectively. In addition, there is no change of documents being sent to the wrong address. In the case of confidential documents, the data is processed and shared in a safe space. The documents are sent to the receiver with an encrypted email and the receiver can sign documents electronically. This ensures that the documents are safe.

The use of the best esignature service for small businesses ensures security. In any case, the intended recipient will be the only one to receive the documents so that the deals can be closed in a safe and timely manner.

The software is an important tool for completing important operations and therefore, more and more organizations must implement it. There will never be any stress of the documents getting hampered or lost in any way because the information is stored on the cloud.

2. Electronically Streamlined Process

During the pandemic, organizations had to resort to remote working. As a result, many processes had to be handled digitally which is when the importance of implementing the best e-signature service for small businesses increased a lot more. The pandemic made many people realize that electronic signatures can make business dealings easy and streamlined.

A safe and suitable electronic signature service builds a sort of continuity and also helps in communicating reliability to the stakeholders. Small businesses have started realizing that using e-signature services can help in building certainty. Moving forward, many businesses will be turning flexible by the use of online signatures.

Adopting the best electronic signatures service for small businesses helps in sending confidential and sensitive information safely. It helps in evaluating changed practices and outlining important processes for handling confidential information. Moreover, it also becomes easy to build trust as there is no risk of any foul play with the documents.

3. Longer Validity of Documents

After the process of signing a document is completed electronically, the document stays verifiable and valid for a long time. There is a time stamping facility that comes embedded inside the electronic signature software. This facility is an indication of independent and strong evidence of the person who has signed the document.

The implementation of the electronic signature software for small businesses is capable of recording the time at which the document is signed. This feature does not change in any way. For all the legally compliant documents such as official contracts that can later be disputed in court.

The support of long-term validation provided by e-signatures enables organizations to have proof at the time of document signing. This proof guarantees that the credentials of the signer are justified. Moreover, the organizations can also know that no further changes are to be made and the document will be valid even when credentials expire.

4. Increased Speed

A significant benefit of electronic signatures for small businesses is that they bring immense efficiency. The official documents do not have to be printed, mailed, checked, and sent back for a signature. Everything is taken care of electronically which increases the business speed.

Small businesses have many documents to authorize on a daily basis and using electronic signatures helps in automating the process. There is never any kind of delay in document processing because of the time lag between sending the documents and receiving them in a few minutes only.

The implementation of an electronic signature service eliminates any need to travel for getting a document signed in person. Many companies belonging to various sectors are realizing that in recent times.

The remote signing process helps businesses to use signing actions from digital devices. Small businesses can create electronic signatures remotely while keeping the signing keys safe in the cloud. There is no need for hardware for making safe signing possible.

Hence, for the companies that wish to continue remote working even in the future, the implementation of the best e-signature service for small businesses is important. This way, there will be no challenge in document processing whatsoever.

How to Find the Best e Signature Software for Small Business

There is a common misconception that every electronic signature software performs the same functions. If you aren’t aware of what to look for, it might be difficult to find the right e signature for small business.

When you’re looking for the best esignature service for small business, there are a few things you should keep in mind. To assist you in refining your research, I’ve added some suggested methods below.

1. Multiple-Platform Signatures 

It’s important to test the software’s compatibility with as many systems as feasible. Is it possible for the recipient to use their Android phone to digitally sign a document sent from a Mac?

The best e signature software for small business you use should also be able to handle a wide variety of file formats. Once again, certain devices may not support specified document formats.

On the other hand, if the electronic signature for small business is compatible with a variety of operating systems and document formats, It will be the best esignature service for small business in the upcoming time.

Make sure your electronic signature for small businesses can work on any device or platform. This will give you peace of mind for the future as well. If the software is now incompatible with specific devices, it is unlikely that it will be able to include additional devices and file formats when they become available in the future.

Similarly, if you regularly check documents outside of the office, you should make sure the best esignature service for small business you choose has a solid mobile app. The app’s functionality should allow you to complete all of your tasks when you are away from your desk.

2. Document Volume

How often do you send documents that require signatures? You shouldn’t use the same software as a company that gathers hundreds or thousands of signatures every week if you only do it a few times a year.

Do you need to collect several electronic signatures for small business from various people on the same document? Does signing order matter? If you’re trying to figure out what to do, these are the kinds of questions you should be asking.

There are numerous limitless plans available of best e signature software for small business for high volume users, as well as free plans for infrequent users.

3. API and Integrations

If you already use third-party tools and software, look for a solution that interfaces with them without any issues. Suppose, for the sake of discussion, that you are utilising a customer relationship management system such as Salesforce or HubSpot. You’ll save a lot of time and effort if your best esignature service for small business is also compatible with those options.

To integrate e signature for small business features into your website or software, the chosen product should provide a flexible API.

4. Legal Compliance 

Legality of electronic signatures are generally binding under the law. However, you should check that your software is secure in other cases as well as electronic signature legally binding. Audit trails, two-factor authentication, and other features are useful for proving intent in the event of a legal dispute involving an electronic signature.

It’s also important to think about the compliance guidelines that apply to your specific field. For instance, some solutions offer HIPAA compliance, GDPR compliance, PCI compliance, and more.

In the world of legally binding contracts and electronic signatures for legal documents, it is imperative that you take every precaution to safeguard yourself and your business. If you need legal advice, you should get some.

Final Words

If you run a small business then you must understand that it is important to keep up with the modern-day practices that can streamline your business. The adoption of e-signature software for small businesses such as WeSignature can literally change the way in which you have been doing business until now.

Other than completely advancing your business practices, the tool has the ability to cut down all extra costs which your company can use for important things. Adopt the use of electronic signature software for small businesses today and make the change that will take your business forward. You will be glad.

FAQ – Best e Signature Software for Small Business

1. How Does Electronic Signature Software Work?

Using the best esignature service for small businesses that supports electronic signatures enables users to affix their own signatures to a digital document. Desktop options allow you to edit and sign documents on your laptop, computer, or mobile device, while cloud-based solutions allow multiple signers in different places.

Some use advanced security measures, including tracking the signer’s IP address and time of signing to verify the signer’s identity.

2. When can I use e-signatures? 

Electronic signatures for small businesses can be used for almost any signature requirement nowadays. Except for the rate contract—a legal document used to standardize the costs of goods between parties—most contracts and documents can be edited and signed online.

There is surely electronic signature software that can handle any form, document, or agreement that needs a signature.

3. Is It Safe to Use Electronic Signatures in Business?

The usage of electronic signatures for small businesses is entirely secure. These apps take security seriously, so you and your coworkers can sign without concerns. Still, it would be best if you took the usual measures to protect your online accounts, such as using a strong, unique password for your electronic signature software.

4. Why do I Need an e-Signature Service?

Choose the correct electronic signature service. It will be able to provide you best e signature software for small business with a selection of specialized tools and cost structures that will allow it to perform more efficiently. Upgraded encryption, software integrations, and many users are all examples. 

5. What e-Signature Security Options are There? 

Best esignature services for small businesses incorporate multiple layers of protection, including those mandated by IPAA, FERPA, GLBA, and FDA 21 CFR part 11. Your choice of a service provider may vary depending on the encryption methods available.

6. How Can We Choose the Right Electronic Signature for Small Business?

Every day, a new service or software is released for businesses, but not every option will be a good fit for your business.

We looked at several criteria that may help you narrow down your options when choosing the best esignature service for small business.

Security: You should secure your contracts and other important documents. Using an e-signature service with adequate security measures can prevent sensitive company data from falling into the wrong hands.

Ease of Use: Think about how easy it is to electronically sign and send your documents, as this is a key indicator of how user-friendly software is.

Cost: If you want to utilize e-signature services for small businesses, you may find that some companies offer free plans, while others need you to purchase a more expensive plan.

Features: You can find e-signature services with additional features, like cloud storage, customized pricing structures, and pre-made templates.

Integrations: Your e-signature services can be integrated with several other applications, including Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Google Drive, and Zoho.

If you’re looking for the best e signature software for small business, these features may assist you in making the right decision.