How to Create a Handwritten Signature Online?

We live in a world of digital paperwork where online signatures have become significant. The use of electronic signatures offers many benefits that empower the documentation process. Plus, there is no valid reason to waste time waiting for paperwork to travel back and forth until the time everyone has signed the dotted line.

Given the rising use of online signatures, it is expected that the market will be reaching $12,721.5 Million by 2030. It is slated to grow at a CAGR of 26.6% from 2021 to 2030. These figures show clearly that more and more people are choosing to create a handwritten signature as a secure, quick, and easy method for signing documents. 

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There are many methods to create an online signature and one of the most popular ones is drawing a signature. It becomes all the more simple to draw a signature by using e-signature software for small businesses. A handwritten signature helps you to add a personal touch to the documents by signing in your own handwriting electronically.

In this blog, we will understand how to create a handwritten signature online. However, let us first look at what a handwritten signature online means and how has it evolved.

What is a Handwritten Signature Online?

A handwritten signature online is a method to identify a person legally. It involves a series of digital strokes that can either contain the name of a person or not. It is made by moving the cursor of a mouse and has unique characteristics to represent the person who has decided to create a handwritten signature online.          

The handwritten signature is used for different applications. This is even when the process of acceptance of a document stands out above all of them. Even though the handwritten signature is used every day to indicate the authorship, the primary purpose it solves is authorization and approval.

Evolution of Handwritten Signatures Online

A handwritten signature has a deep ancient origin. Human beings have been attesting important documents with a signature in their own handwriting for a long time. After digitization, handwritten signatures have also been digitized. The free document signing software have made it easy to create a handwritten signature.  

Creating a handwritten signature online is a digital evolution of the old way of signing documents. It is a legal concept that is equivalent to a handwritten signature. It helps in collecting electronic data that can be linked with a digital document.

Basically, the fundamental structure of an online signature and the ways in which it can be legitimate differ. The handwritten signature is just one of the methods of creating an online signature.

How to Create a Handwritten Signature Online?

Since we have gained a good understanding of what is a handwritten signature online, we can now talk about how to create a handwritten signature online as well.

There are some times when there is no need to create a handwritten signature. These methods enable you to either type your signature or just upload a scanned image of your signature. However, creating a handwritten signature is an authentic method of signing documents electronically.

If your customer or even an organization wants a handwritten signature then choosing to create a handwritten signature is an easy process. Using a good e-signature software for small business makes this process easy. You can create a handwritten signature and then once it is done, you can also save the image for reference.

One of the easiest methods to create a handwritten signature is by drawing it on the touchpad of a mobile device. However, a desktop can do as well if that is more comfortable for you. Below, we will mention all the steps required to create these signatures so that you can gain better clarity on creating the online signatures.

  • The first step to create an online signature is by opening the document on the device that you are working on.
  • Since our goal is to create a handwritten signature online, we will need to select the icon that allows us to do that. Out of all the options available to sign PDF online, you must tap on the icon that enables you to draw.
  • Once you have selected this icon, the final step is to draw and sign.
  • Choose Create signature.
  • You can either draw or use your stylus for creating the signature.
  • Once you are done, go on and save the image so that you can also use it in the future.

Benefits of Handwritten Signature Online

There are many benefits that come with creating a handwritten signature online. We will be mentioning some of them below. Let’s delve into all of these benefits one after another.

Sign Anytime and Anywhere

You can create a handwritten signature online at any time, in any way and from anywhere you wish to do the same. If you are using a good electronic signature software then it will allow you to generate a handwritten signature using your finger, mouse and sometimes even the stylus.

Depending on whatever option that seems comfortable, you can choose to draw the signature using a touchpad, mouse, or finger. Once you have done signing, you can upload the signature and submit it. 

Reduction in Cost and Paperwork

The decision to create a handwritten signature online has the ability to modernize and streamline a business completely. There are so many businesses that spend Billions every year when it comes to paperwork and documentation.

Regardless of spending so much money, the productivity of these businesses keeps decreasing each year. Creating an online signature helps in lowering the costs to a great extent.

Legally Valid Signature

In the US, online signatures have been considered legally binding since 2000. The use of e-signature software keeps the documents completely safe and there is no risk of any tampering.

Hence, when you draw a signature online and send it to the concerned party, it is considered completely legal and valid. There is never any stress on the legal validation and authenticity of the signature.

Authentic Signature

The thing with handwritten online signatures is that they resemble your original signature on paper. The signature made by a person on paper and the one on a digital device look just the same. 

Hence, when you create a handwritten signature online, you can do it without worrying about whether the signature will look authentic or not. It will be real, valid and highly useful.


The process involved in creating a handwritten signature online is very simple, effective, and quick as well. You can use a device and competent e-signature software such as WeSignature for making the process even simpler. The software will allow you to create documents while having them signed right from the comfort of your home. 

FAQ – Create a Handwritten Signature

1. What is a handwritten signature online?

A handwritten signature online is a digital version of your signature that you can create and use electronically. It is often used to sign documents and emails without the need for a physical signature.

2. Is it possible to customize a handwritten signature online?

Yes, it is possible to customize your handwritten signature online. Many signature creator tools offer various customization options, such as adjusting the size, thickness, and color of your signature, as well as selecting a font style. Additionally, some tools allow you to upload an image of your signature and convert it into a digital format.

3. How can I create a handwritten signature online?

There are various online tools and apps that you can use to create a handwritten signature online. You can also use a digital tablet and stylus to create a handwritten signature that can be uploaded and used digitally.

4. Are handwritten signatures legally binding?

Yes, Handwritten signatures are legally binding in most cases. However, the specific requirements for a legally binding electronic signature may vary depending on the jurisdiction and the type of document being signed. It’s important to do your research and ensure that your online signature meets the legal requirements in your area under the electronic signature laws.

5. Is it safe to create a handwritten signature online?

Yes, it’s generally safe to create a handwritten signature online using a reputable tool like WeSignature. However, it’s important to be cautious when sharing personal information online and to ensure that you’re using a secure connection when creating and using your signature.

6. Can I use my handwritten signature online on multiple devices?

Yes, you can typically use your handwritten signature online on multiple devices as long as you have access to the same online tool or app that you used to create it.