How to Create an Online Signature?

Electronic signatures aren’t new, but many individuals are still having trouble finding the best e-signature solution for their needs.

As the popularity of electronic signatures grows more and more, individuals and businesses have turned to finding the best electronic signature solutions to create an online signature for themselves. 

If you are also someone who has been looking for a solution then you’ve come to the correct spot if you’re one of them. There is several best e signature software for small business or large business available on the market that you can use to create an online signature.

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In this blog, will give you a fair explanation of electronic signatures and everything important that must be known about them. So let’s learn how to create an online signature, the purpose of an electronic signature and advantages of creating an online signature.

What is the Purpose of an Online Signature?

We all know that signature is a popular means of acknowledging the document sets. Conventionally, it includes the act of signing over the manuscripts using writing equipment like a pen. 

However empowered with digitization, the electronic way of signing things takes a new turn. The signatures have now turned from being manual to digital or electronic. Online signatures are gaining value day-by-day and are foreseen to effectively overtake the traditional method of signing.

Under the ESIGN Act, a federal law passed in 2000, the online signatures are legally valid in the United States and can be used to electronically sign documents. The old physical process of applying signatures to documents is being replaced by an online signature because of the many benefits that e-signs bring to the table.

Online signature is relatively easy-to-use. They can be attached to any kind of document very easily. Online document signing offers a considerably persistent fool-proof system of verification as opposed to manual mode.

They are legally compliant and also save a lot of cost. People and organizations that have been using electronic signatures have actually benefited from the use of this technology to a great extent.

Advantages of Creating an Online Signature

Most importantly, online signatures eliminate the need for in-person presence, may it be for signing or validation, assuring quick verification.

Earlier, people used to wait for months to an end to get one signature and close a deal. However the technology of electronic signatures has made it easy for the world to sign documents within a few minutes only. 

In fact, the e-signatures are being embraced across most of the domains including private organizations, corporate establishments, individual contracts and government agencies.

This worldwide acceptance has greatly empowered globalization by facilitating legitimate overseas business.

How to Create Online Signature?

An online signature is nothing but the sign in an electronic form. The most common way of creating an online signature is mentioned below.

  • Signing on electronic gadgets such as mobile phone or tablet using an apparatus like stylus
  • Creating the signature by hovering the mouse to move the pointer.
  • Signing on a piece of paper and then uploading the resulting image
  • Using special bio-metric-enabled devices to create a unique identity
  • Typing name through the keyboard in specialized font.

Many online platforms assist in the process of generating online signature.

If you are looking for creating online signature for free, then, WeSignature, is one of the best platforms to opt for. It will make the process of creating online signature very simple and effective.

Best eSignature Software to Create Online Signature

WeSignature is a cloud-based internet portal that offers E Signature service. It is user-friendly and completely digital in nature.

It adheres to all legal norms and is cross-platform compatible. WeSignature offers a comprehensive set of solutions for industrial transactions as it provides an option to sign and pay at the same instant.

Every action is monitored and recorded to facilitate the signing process.

Furthermore, adequate measures are undertaken to ensure data security and privacy. One can check the audit trail to know what actions were taken.

It simplifies the process of online document signing for both senders as well as the receivers. Here, the person desiring the signature for a particular document needs to upload the document, point to the place where the signature is required and send it to the intended party.

The recipient is just required to click on the link, attest their electronic signature and send back. The technique is the same whether you’re using Word, PDF, Excel, or an image.

Using Wesignature, creating an electronic signature in Word, PDF, doc, docx, PNG, jpg, jpeg, and other formats is simple and quick.

Which Applications are Signed With an Online Signature?

The use of online signature can improve the delivery of services for the following applications:

  • Document self-attestation with Digi-locker.
  • Application and e-filing Identification for Taxes and Tax Returns.
  • Applicants for new accounts at post offices and banks.
  • Vehicle registration and licence renewal applications.
  • Application for a certificate of income, a death certificate, a birth certificate, a marriage certificate, and other documents.
  • Applicants for new passports and passport renewals.
  • An application for a new telecommunications connection has been submitted.
  • Exam and/or course enrollment for college students.
  • Members of Parliament can submit questions to the House of Commons using an online signature.

These are some of the common applications on which electronic signatures are used but the truth is that possibilities are endless. In the future, you will see online signatures on almost all documents.

Do You Need to Generate Online Signature?

WeSignature offers a 30-day trial package to better understand the working of the portal. During this period, it is possible to create online signature freely and all features offered under the package chosen can be explored.

This free trial period is to help you openly discover all the amazing benefits of electronic document signing. 

Once satisfied, the annual or monthly pricing plan that best suits the need can be purchased.

So why wait?

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FAQ – How to Make an Online Signature

1. What is an online signature?

An online signature is indeed a special and identifiable method to represent an individual’s consent to a contract, letter, or other papers. An online signature doesn’t have to look like a person’s name; it can be any mark or symbol, so long as its authenticity can be verified.

2. Can I use the Wesignature tool to make online signatures for legal documents?

Yes. To create an electronic signature of your name, simply type or draw your name into the input field. Word documents, PDFs, and other formats that support images can be embedded with the created e signature online. Signing something doesn’t make it legal by itself, but it can help prove who did it and what they meant when it comes to legal contracts.

3. How to create an online signature?

It’s simple to make an online signature in today’s digital age. Wesignature is one and only user friendly tool to generate online signatures. How? Read on!

  • Go to Wesignature and Sign Up the account. 
  • Select between typing or drawing your signature.
  • Make changes to the size, spacing, and color of your text.
  • Save your online signature for future use.

4. Are online electronic signatures legal as manual signatures?

Electronic signatures are legally binding the same as traditional paper signatures. An electronic signature can be used in the same ways and under the same legal restrictions as a traditional signature. Electronic signatures (eSignatures) allow you to electronically sign contracts and other documents online with any company, anywhere in the world, without ever having to physically print anything off. To make an online signature, all you have to do is utilize the Wesignature.

5. How can I sign a PDF online?

You can upload a PDF that you’ve already created. You can sign the document by clicking the button at the bottom. After that, you can use the finger pen, trackpad, or mouse to create your electronic signature in PDF and place it inside the box. Select “Save” to store the changes. The image of your electronic signature can be resized and added to your PDF document. Keep your signed PDF safe by first “saving” a copy. It’s simple to create an online signature in PDF.

6. What is the best way to create an online signature?

The most effective electronic signatures are not simply visual portrayal of your created handwritten signature online. They are digital fingerprints that are both encrypted and safe, and may be used to verify authenticity.

Use electronic security-aware software while creating an electronic signature so that you can feel safe signing any document.

7. Which things should you consider to create an online signature?

When creating an electronic signature to sign a document, it’s important to keep in mind the following details:

  • User friendly
  • Drag and drop placement
  • Accept instant credit card payments
  • SMS text signing
  • Reminders sent automatically
  • Multiple signers can participate
  • Upload instructional videos or sales videos
  • Password protect documents sent to signers
  • Secure and Compliant with major eSign laws
  • Time stamped and audit trail provided
  • Integrates with any CRM, Sales Platform, AMS Systems and more.