How to Create an Electronic Signature and Online Signature


Signature is a popular means of acknowledging the document sets. Conventionally, it includes the act of signing over the manuscripts using writing equipment like a pen. Nonetheless, digitization of the world has left no field far behind! This has made signatures transform their mode from being manual to digital or electronic. Online signatures are gaining value day-by-day and are foreseen to effectively overtake the traditional method of signing.

Merits of Creating an Online Signature

Online signature is relatively easy-to-use. They can be attached to any kind of document very easily. Online document signing offers a considerably persistent fool-proof system of verification as opposed to manual mode. Most importantly, online signatures eliminate the need for in-person presence, may it be for signing or validation, assuring quick verification. They are being embraced across most of the domains including private organizations, corporate establishments, individual contracts and government agencies. This worldwide acceptance has greatly empowered globalization by facilitating legitimate overseas business.

How to Create Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature is nothing but the sign in an electronic form. The most common way of creating an electronic signature include

  • Signing on electronic gadgets such as mobile phone or tablet using an apparatus like stylus
  • Creating the signature by hovering the mouse to move the pointer
  • Signing on a piece of paper and then uploading the resulting image
  • Using special biometric-enabled devices to create a unique identity
  • Typing name through the keyboard in specialized font

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Features of E Signature Online

WeSignature is a cloud-based internet portal that offers E Signature service. It is greatly user-friendly and completely digital in nature. It adheres to all legal norms and is cross-platform compatible. WeSignature offers a comprehensive set of solutions for industrial transactions as it provides an option to sign and pay at the same instant. Every action is monitored and recorded to facilitate the audition process. Furthermore, adequate measures are undertaken to ensure data security and privacy.

WeSignature simplifies the process of online document signing for both senders as well as the receivers. Here, the person desiring the signature for a particular document needs to upload the document, point to the place where the signature is required and send it to the intended party. The recipient is just required to click on the link, attest their electronic signature and send back. May it be the word, pdf, excel, image or anything else, the procedure remains the same.

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