Electronic Signature Cost Comparison Between WeSignature and SignNow

Creating an online signature is an important part of online documents that cannot be ignored. The turnaround time of sending and receiving an e-signature is much lesser as compared to the physical documents.

Hence, the use of electronic e-signature enables the closure of business deals quickly.

Some time ago, there were only a few electronic signature solutions that did the job and offered a useful user experience. However, the scenario has changed a little now. There are many great esignature services for small businesses that come with the ability to offer great solutions

In this blog, we will do a cost comparison between two very prominent services called WeSignature and SignNow but first, we will begin by understanding an overview of what it takes to choose a suitable e-signature software.

Choosing an Electronic Signature Software

All individuals and businesses that pick up the right e-signature solutions end up saving time, energy, and resources. It is necessary for companies of all sizes including a single freelancer to multinational companies to have easy access to functionality and features while managing documents.

To do this, one must ensure that all the information is there to make the best choice when choosing an e-signature solution.

Other than the electronic signature cost comparison, the following things must be kept in mind.

  • Detailed testing and comprehensive analysis of electronic signature solutions. This should be done from the viewpoint of all probable challenges.
  • There must be a comparison of features and support packages.
  • Previous reviews must also be compared.

Below, we will see an electronic signature cost comparison between WeSignature and SignNow.


WeSignature is a electronic signature platform that is commonly used for sending, signing, saving, and accessing documents online. With this software, you can automate the business processes and close deals quickly, safely, and legally.

Many users can choose a 30-day free trial to understand how this solution works and how helpful it can actually be.

Why Most of the People Choose WeSignature?

  • It is the first and only e-signature sales cloud that enables the users to request a signature and payments at the same time. If you have a business that needs to generate a better payment and signature workflow process then WeSignature is a great option.
  • WeSignature is an online signature platform that improves business processes by automating the important aspects of closing deals. It comes with many applications, integrations, remarkable APIs, and industry-specific solutions.
  • You can complete paperwork easily without any stress of managing the paperwork.
  • WeSignature offers a user-friendly and seamless online document signing experience for creating documents.
  • It comes with cross-platform functionality and can be accessed from anywhere. It also includes guided forms for signing and making payments. The agreement process is simplified easily.
  • WeSignature is extremely safe, legally compliant, and efficient.
  • Professionals from insurance agencies, contracts, real estate brokers, marketing companies, legal firms, and many other industries use WeSignature.

Features of WeSignature

  • Authentication
  • Audit Trail
  • Document Analysis
  • Multi-Party Signing
  • Reminders
  • Task Progress Tracking
  • Mobile Signature Capture

WeSignature Pricing

The pricing of WeSignature starts at $15.00 per user, per month. It goes on to charge $30.00 for 3 users per month, $60.00 for 5 users per month, and $80.00 for 7 users per month. WeSignature offers a free trial of 30 days to the users.


Users can create and scale the electronic signature workflows with the use of signNow. It allows the users to sign and send documents, create agreements, negotiate contracts, accept payments, and automate business processes. This one is popular e-signature software for businesses that is compliant, advanced, and highly modernized.

Most of its functionality comes with a slick and easy-to-follow interface that has earned many reviews and placed SignNow well in the market. It is a robust platform that can be used to sign documents, manage customers, and optimize the e-signature workflow.

Many People Prefer Using SignNow Because

  • It comes with an unlimited document sending process for a decent price.
  • The software offers many unlimited sharable templates and all of them are customizable.
  • SignNow offers custom branding and kiosk mode offers in-person signatures.
  • The customers can create and share the signature links so that the signing process becomes easy and efficient.
  • The higher-priced packages come with the ability to add advanced and conditional fields such as date boxes, text boxes, and signature fields.
  • It also comes with API features for advanced users and phone support or integration services.

Features of SignNow

  • Authentication
  • Audit Trail
  • Customizable Templates
  • Document Analytics
  • Mobile Signature
  • Multi Party Signing

SignNow Pricing

SignNow comes with a pricing of $8 per month for one user in the Business Plan. It charges $15.00 per month for one user in the Business Premium plan, $30.00 per month for one user in the Enterprise plan, and $50.00 per month for 5 users in the airSlate Business Cloud plan.

Which One Should You Choose?

The electronic signature solution that you should choose depends entirely on your budget and your priorities. WeSignature is a solution that provides businesses one of the quickest ways to sign and complement important documentations. It helps in quick approvals, faster payments, and also helps in creating powerful momentum behind completing a business.

It is a solution that helps to create an electronic signature in word document while simplifying the multi-step paperwork processes down to just a couple of clicks. You can bid goodbye to printers, scanners, and welcome a streamlined and digital workflow.

The solution provided by WeSignature is safe, legally compliant, and reliable because of the ESIGN Act and the UETA. This gives the enterprises peace of mind that their work is entirely uniform.

On the other hand, SignNow is relatively affordable for the most basic package. It offers unlimited templates and document signings. Moreover, it comes with advanced features such as API, and integration to Salesforce, and more.

In the end, it is your choice as none out of these two overpowers the other. They are both functional in their ways. So make sure that you analyze your requirements and pick the best e-signature solution.


E-signature is a powerful way to get documents signed electronically. Make sure that you pick the best option by going through the details mentioned in this blog.