The Advantages of Electronic Signature Software for HR

The human workforce is the biggest strength of an organisation. If an organisation hires the right people, it will grow more quickly. To make sure this happens, it’s up to the HR department to hire the best candidates for the position.

Now, the Human Resources department has to manage a variety of tasks every day. From employee, recruitment drives to interviewing, and onboarding, there is an extensive documentation process involved in each of these.

The human resources department’s job can quickly become chaotic if a standard method is not used to handle the documents. Leveraging electronic signature software for HR is an excellent way to solve the problem.

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With e-signature in human resources, all tasks can be managed on the cloud because there is never a concern for maintaining heaps of paperwork. The HR department can create documents that can be signed anywhere and at any time with just a few clicks on any devices. 

Let’s take a closer look at the positive advantages of electronic signature software for HR.

Top 8 Advantages of Electronic Signature Software for HR

1. Saving Time

Printing, signing, and scanning a document takes a long time. Sending the document to other signees can help to reduce the time in processing and archiving the documents. Using e-signature free software speeds up HR’s documentation work. Reason being that an applicant can sign a variety of employment forms, documents, and agreements relating to recruiting whenever and wherever they like. The use of electronic signatures will streamline and speed up your processes. 

2. Elimination of Errors

Regardless of the degree of precision that a person may be capable of, manual work is subject to errors. Many of them are inconsequential but when it comes to HR processes, one must not leave things to chance.

An e-signature free software comes into the picture for eliminating these errors in the HR processes. By automating the processes with online signature, you will never leave any chance to send the document to signees.

Everything is computer generated which means that it is easy to point out errors and rectify them in the document completion process. You will never jump a signature line and you can also send the email automatically.

3. Improved Employee Onboarding

No business can allow a good resource to slip by. Employee onboarding is a necessary exercise that must be done at the right time. To streamline the onboarding of new employees, HR departments are increasingly turning to digital forms and electronic signatures. Forms like W-4s, NDAs, direct deposit form, and more may be emailed to employees throughout the world and returned quickly. HR departments can assure a reduction in errors and missing information by making fields mandatory and tailoring instruction. 

The signing of the offer letter by both the employer and the employee might be sped up with the help of electronic signatures. In order to verify their completed paperwork, employees can use a digitally created handwritten signature.

4. Positive Employee Experience

On average, the HR team requires many documents to be signed by the employees. A simple way to get this done is by reducing workforce hassles. 

The decision to go paperless comes with multiple benefits. HR departments can adopt online signatures starting from the recruitment stage only and use it for getting various in-house tasks done as well.

According to a report published by Gallup, an engaged and satisfied workforce leads to over 21% improvement in profit. The adoption of online signature software leads to many positive employee experiences. 

It also shows employees that an organisation is digitally progressive and adaptive about making processes easier. They work to maximise their potential because administrative tasks are made easier.

5. Improved Legal Compliance

The problem with traditional paperwork has been that it led to many inconsistencies. It is prone to many inconsistencies and mistakes.

Many times, these mistakes are not even in the control of someone. However, the irony is that once these mistakes actually happen, they prove counterproductive.

In addition, it is very important that the HR departments are compliant with significant processes, audits, and laws. Using electronic signature software for HR makes sure that all inconsistencies are reduced and important checkpoints are not missed.

6. Cost-Effective

For reducing paper wastage along with the cost involved in modern hiring, so many HR professionals choose an effective solution that can save time and money.

In contrast to the traditional hiring process that requires sending documents to employees, getting their signatures, scanning and even archiving them, the e-signatures are simple.

Creating an online signature is important for HR departments so that they can contribute to the company’s goal of attaining maximum ROI.

Most employees have to just open the document with the link they receive, sign on it and then send it back to the department of HR.

The organizations that use electronic signature software for HR are able to reduce document management expenses by over 85%. This is a big difference because the money saved can be used for getting other tasks done.

7. Efficient Departmental Work

From the recruitment phase to e-signing the business documents, using an electronic signature software for HR helps the human resources department to stay ahead. There is better control and efficiency over the Human Resource departmental processes.

Using online signature gives a message that the company is in favour of digital growth and is also ready to focus on progress measures. This, in turn, creates a positive experience that helps the department and the business to stay ahead.

8. Visibility

Working in the Human Resource department involves dealing with many documents. Even if someone is highly organized, it can sometimes be challenging to track all documents. Fortunately, electronic signature software for HR comes with effective solutions for the visibility problem too.

Using an online e-signature leaves audit trails. After this, there are centralized repositories and dashboards that form a part of this software. You can have all your documents in just one place while seeing them whenever you wish.

There is a far greater level of visibility with the implementation of online signatures. This is the kind of control that is otherwise very difficult to attain with manual processes.


The HR processes are an important part of business growth. With the amount of paperwork and signature needed for just one document, the overall time needed to get a task done is immense.

There can actually be many chances of making an error when it comes to creating a manual document. Hence, the process must be automated with the implementation of electronic signature software for HR.

In case you wish to move past the challenge of saving time and money, implementing WeSignature can be the best decision for your business. You will be amazed at the benefits the implementation of a good online signature software can bring to the HR processes.