Electronic Tax Signing Software – Gain Critical Speed When Deadlines are Looming

Accountants and tax specialists often need to create an online signature quicker than ever. While meeting strict legal requirements, getting signatures can turn around documents within hours and not just days.

The use of electronic tax signing software such as WeSignature allows an accountant and tax specialists to get their documents signed in an instant. You can sign, send, and manage documents online, adhere to legal standards, and even reduce the overall waiting period from a couple of days to fixed hours.

Some of the use cases in which free electronic signature software can be used are LLC formation, asset purchase agreements, IRS-approved tax forms, confidentiality agreements, practice continuation agreements, engagement letters, employment contracts, independent contractor agreements, etc.

In this blog, we will learn more about electronic tax signing software and how it helps in gaining speed.

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Working on Electronic Tax Signing Software:

The way in which the electronic tax signing software works is mentioned below.

1. Send a Request: You can set and send a request. Start by choosing the tax forms that need an electronic signature and then attach any documents that you wish to. You can also set reminders and then click to send the forms to your client.

2. Secure Mail: Once you send the documents, your client gets secure mail. They can then click to see the documents on any device, authenticate them as needed, and sign them with quick clicks.

3. Real-time Status: You can see the status in real-time too. A dashboard inside your tax software can easily track each request at one glance. You can know right when electronic signatures are received from the customers.

All in all, someone who uses e-signature software for small business can gain critical speed when deadlines are around the corner. Some of the ways in which this happens are mentioned below.

1. Quicker Than Faxing:

The use of electronic tax signing software allows accountants and tax specialists to gain critical speed when deadlines are around the corner. With good e-signature software, you can send documents for getting e-signatures while saving time and any extra hassles.

There will not be any need for you to wait for clients to print PDFs, sign them, and then return them by either fax or mail. When you add electronic signature to word, you can turn documents around within hours rather than days. This way, you will be able to focus on customer work instead of tracking documents.

2. Secure and Private:

You can use safe authentication to protect yourself and your clients when you create electronic signature in PDF. There is rampant identity theft going on these days and as a result, most people are concerned about their privacy and security.

Customers are always looking for an assurance that their important documents are not shared or stolen and even that they are not forged. The e-signature software comes with digital transaction management that allows you to send documents electronically rather than leaving them in the mail or on the fax machine. 

With secure authentication, any chances of fraud can be avoided. Customers can rest assured that their documents are being taken care of against all odds.

3. Comfortable for Customers:

The world has become completely digital in the present time. Using electronic tax signing software makes it simple for vendors and customers to get things done at an unimaginable speed.

Customers can receive and sign documents on their devices without any problems. What’s more, the process is very simple and streamlined as well. You can offer your customers the best possible services.

4. Compliance With Regulations:

The adoption of electronic tax signing software makes sure that you and your customers are in compliance. The business is all about saving the money of your customers while keeping things compliant with the state and federal regulations. 

The adoption of good e-signature software can make it easy to meet the latest IRS regulations, ISO 27001 and SSAE 16 standards and a lot more. In addition, you can use the online signature software for saving your documents electronically and retaining an audit trail for added transparency.

5. Legally Binding:

E-signatures are accepted across the world because they are legally binding. They are openly accepted in courts of law all over the world and even for most business documents. 

The legality of electronic signatures makes the online signing software offer tamper-proof audit trails, signer’s IP address, blockchain-based timestamping, certificate of completion, and much more.

6. Efficient:

Other than all the benefits mentioned above, the use of good electronic signature software also helps to convert frequently used documents such as IRS tax forms and purchase agreements into templates.

You can drag and drop important fields for creating the forms and reuse them any number of times you may wish to. This will save time for you and your customers as well.

One of the best parts of using electronic tax signing software is that you can manage signatures digitally on any form or document while tracking client responses with real-time updates. This can be done on the virtual signature dashboard in the tax software.

7. Collaborative:

It is possible to safely save and even manage electronically signed documents in your account with e-signature software.

In addition, you can also export the documents to cloud storage applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

8. Streamlined Workflow:

It is possible to streamline your workflow with pre-populated tax forms and client data. You can easily manage e-signature requests, signature statuses, and delivery while you track your work on client returns.

Furthermore, You can also customize automatic reminders for notifying your customers. You can easily automate audit trail reports for each online signature activity including the time when a request is sent, seen, printed, signed, or fails in identity authentication.

This can be done along with a certification of completion of the executed document itself. You can archive an unalterable authoritative copy of documents and even purge documents by revealing an expiration date.


When you use good quality electronic tax signing software such as WeSignature, the entire process can be carried out easily in the cloud eliminating paper without any added hassles or even waiting time.

If you are an accountant or a tax specialist then you must make an effort to implement WeSignature so that you can offer the best services to your customers while getting important work done when the deadlines are looming.