Electronic Signature PDF Electronic Signature Free

An electronic signature is a means of acknowledging the document in a digital sense. E-signature can be created easily with the help of electronic gadgets. They can be attached to almost any kind of documents including word, excel, image, ppt or pdf files. Once signed, the documents will become worthy enough for further circulation and usage. For instance, electronic signature in word document indicates full consent of the signed party over its content and thus can be forwarded to facilitate further actions.

Benefits of Free Electronic Signature PDF

  • Reduced cost
    Electronic signatures check-on the usage of papers, ink and postal charges leading to a huge reduction in cost.
  • Faster closures
    Electronic signature word document ensures quick closure of deals as the act of signing usually takes just minutes instead of days.
  • Compatibility
    A majority of the esign pdf free versions are ensured to be compatible across multiple devices and operating systems.
  • Easy integration
    Portals that support electronic signature pdf creation have standard APIs that easily get integrated into most of the existing platforms.
  • Traceability
    An electronic method of authentication supports tracking wherein the status of the document that needs to be signed can be monitored in real-time.
  • Global Accessibility
    e-sign pdf is accepted as valid in legal terms all across the globe making it highly accessible at a given point of time.
  • Streamline Workflow
    Process of signing can be well-controlled and the document can be made available to only the people who are supposed to be in-the-loop
  • Data Security
    All transactions will take place in encrypted mode and thus ensure security from data breaching and manipulation.

Validity of electronic signature pdf

With an increase in globalization, electronic signature in word is gaining more and more importance. They remain valid and legal across government, private and individual sectors. Ability to handle things remotely has made it a prime choice amongst many areas like hiring, overseas business, admin tasks, etc. e signature can be used to legalize almost any kind of documents including salary slips, rental agreements, recruitment letters, legal contracts, NDAs, permission letters and application forms.

Looking for esign pdf free feature?

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  • customize the document to request the sign at definite places of choice
  • receive payments while getting signed
  • retrieve the transactions from the archive to facilitate auditing
  • send reminders and cancel requests on-the-go
  • set multiple levels of authentication
  • leverage the benefits of cloud-based data management
  • free recipients from the download-store-upload process

Furthermore, at WeSignature you can try digital signature pdf free for 30 days. You can explore all the features of the platform during this period to determine which package suits you the best. Once experimenting on esign documents free version, you can then go for the purchased plan and give your business a new boost!