6 Reasons Your Sales Team Needs Electronic Signatures

Wondering what’s the ideal reason to use electronic signatures for your sales teams?

Have you ever paid attention that there is mostly a lag time between a potential lead coming in and securing a business deal by getting important documents signed?

Do you feel that you are losing out because your competitor is getting contracts quickly before you?

In case your answer to these questions is a “YES” then your sales team needs to implement electronic signatures.

They will not just increase the overall potential of your team but they will also help in improving client productivity.

6 Reasons for Using Electronic Signatures For Sales Teams

1. Increasing Efficiency

It is important for the sales teams to be relieved of the administrative roles and responsibilities so that they can put in their level best in doing what they are supposed to do.

The only substantial way to increase the productivity of the sales team is by enabling the sales team to become efficient and effective.

The primary reason why most sales teams fail is that they are usually disorganized. With the implementation of electronic signatures for sales teams, you will begin to see a much-improved workflow process in the sales.

When all the important paperwork will become digital, it will become easier to share the correct information within a system without fearing losing any important information. In addition, there will no longer be a need to disconnect with the sales and its execution.

Regardless of the fact it is between the operations, logistics, or the finance team, the process will become seamless.

Mostly, your company will not rely on the physical paperwork which also means that the official contracts can be handed over to the right person within a click.

There will be no need for photocopy shops, printers, fax machines, etc. and the physical filing will also get stored in the cloud.

2. Simple and Efficient

The ability to generate an online signature enables a person to turn around quickly in making a business successful.

The time between making a verbal agreement and getting the contract is also reduced and irrespective of the industry, the sales team missed a trick in case a person is not able to deliver the paperwork quickly that is otherwise needed to secure a contract.

Another thing is that if your salespeople meet customers then there are always going to be delays in the time when your paperwork is processed and when you are still stuck with the physical documents.

In case the sales professionals cannot be online but also need a signature then there is never any need to get back and send the contract through an agreement.

The sales team can get an appropriate amount of workflow on their smartphone, laptop, or even tablet which helps in updating the original document when the team comes online the next time.

3. Legally Compliant

The e-signature in the digital industry is legally binding. With IP addresses, date and time stamps and emails being verified, geographic locations, it becomes possible to gain a complete data trail as compared to the physical paperwork. In effect, this point proves to be ideal in case you need accountability and verifiable confirmation.

This information is always available to you and in case you want, you can also receive notifications of newly signed documents that were out for signing. Any possible document that you import is automatically converted into a PDF for the purpose of additional security.

Regardless of whether your document is just being stored or is in transit to get signed, it is always advisable to encrypt it.

In case the hackers are to successfully get through all possible layers of security then it is best to read the documents in the right way.

The process of digital documentation is much more safe and simple for maintaining and also accessing rather than managing the storeroom of documents.

4. Increased Productivity

The traditional process of signing the documents leads to closing a deal that might take numerous hours of scheduling calls, writing, emails, filing documents, meetings, etc.

On the other hand, tracking the status of an official contract online with a document sent to a customer becomes much simpler.

Using electronic signature software for sales teams helps in reducing any manual efforts to a large extent. Hence, the salespeople have a significant amount of time for creating different opportunities, nurturing leads, building customer relationships, and generating more leads.

5. Efficient Invoicing

One of the most common and interdependent problems in any organization is usually between the sales and the finance team. This is mostly because of the fact that the sales commission and incentives are dependent on precise reporting.

The finance department of any team depends on precise reporting for generating the invoice.

In this sense, there can be an easy way to disconnect. Any sales professional might sell for a certain amount in one month, but the numbers from a financial report might show differently.

Even though this might be a manual or clerical error, there should be no way in which the sales team goes on to make an assumption. Hence, it is all the more important that the sales teams implements electronic signatures.

There are times when an invoice might get missed and because of that, the salesperson might deal with a customer while waiting for a product or a service to not be paid.

Hence, it is important to make things simple for the finance team and keep the sales team happy.

The signed digital contracts can get passed over directly and instantly to the finance team so that the importance to invoice the clients is ensured. This way, there will be no payment delays.

6. Better Profits

As compared to the administration and maintenance costs of physical paperwork in which there is a need to buy, store, and distribute all documentation, e-signature online is a cheap solution.

In case you are looking for a good value solution for your business than implementing online signatures is the best decision you can make.

There is a misconception that using electronic signatures for sales teams can prove to be an overwhelming process. However, the truth is that it is simple and seamless.

One of the most important benefits of using e-signature is leveraging the tools and apps so that a non-tech person in a company is able to work with ease.


The modern age technology offers a wide range of options for business development and also helps the sales team deliver a good experience to valuable customers.

Using electronic signatures for sales teams has positive impacts on the sales team because it outweighs the paper-based system.

Furthermore, it also empowers the sales team to assume control of their workflow and productivity because of being faster, reliable, and comfortable.

In case you haven’t then ensure that you implement electronic signatures to increase the efficiency of the sales teams.