Is It Safe to Put Your Signature Online?

Obviously YES! Electronic Signature are safe and secure than traditional or wet signatures.

When electronic signatures are compared with traditional signatures, a common concern that comes up is the security of online signatures. The fact is that wet signatures can be very easily forged and even tampered with, but the e-signatures online have multiple layers of security and authentication along with the court admissible transaction proof.

Hence, it can be easily said that electronic signatures are completely safe and in this blog, we will cover why we say so.

What are Electronic Signatures?

Similar to the inked signature, signing documents on the internet is a way of signing the documents, except for the fact that the e-signatures are pretty multi-dimensional. There are multiple ways in which this can be achieved.

You can use a good electronic signature tool to create an electronic signature in word that enables you to sign the documents on a digital document. The presence of such a signature on a document might not give it legal status based on various factors that you might read later in the guide.

Working of Electronic Signatures

The precise signing procedure varies based on the e-signature provider, although the core operations of more comprehensive systems are similar.


  • Upload the document that needs to be signed, such as a Word or PDF file.
  • Mark the portions that need initials, signatures, phone numbers, and so on.
  • Choose the signer authentication methods you wish to employ.
  • Send the file to your specified recipient’s email address using the service.


  • You will be notified through email when it is time to examine and sign a document.
  • Before signing, confirm your identify (if the sender selects that option)
  • Read the disclosure materials and sign off on the electronic procedure.
  • Examine the paper and fill out any needed fields, including attaching any appropriate documents.
  • Utilize the trademark style that you wish to use (the first time you use a service)
  • Sign the contract.

After all recipients sign the document, the recipient will receive a notification, and the document will be stored there electronically for viewing and downloading.

Thanks to the built-in security features and the process followed by the electronic signature provider, all of this can be done safely.

Is It Safe to Put Electronic Signature?

1. Electronic Audit Trail

As opposed to traditional signatures, electronic signatures also come with an electronic record that serves as an audit trail and proof of the transaction. This trail includes the history of actions taken on the document including the details of when this document was opened, viewed, and even signed.

Based on the provider and the fact if the signer has agreed to allow access to a location, the record can show the geolocation where the document was signed. In case any one of the signers disputes the online signature or even if a question arises about the transaction then the audit trail is always available. All the participants can check the audit trail and resolve any kind of objections.

In addition, there are certificates of completion to support the authenticity. A detailed certificate of completion can include specific details about each signer on the document including the consumer disclosure which indicates the signer’s agreement to use e-signature, the signature image, timestamps, and the signer’s IP address.

Right after the signing process gets completed, the documents can be sealed with a Public Key Infrastructure. This is a technology that indicates that the electronic signatures are completely valid and that the document has not tampered with ever since the date of signing.

2. Electronic Signatures are Legally Compliant

In the year 2000, the U.S. government passed an act called ESIGN which was meant to simplify the adoption of electronic signatures. This act ushered in an entirely new era of document streamlining in the US locations where federal law is applicable.

According to this act, an electronic signature is known as an electronic sound, process, or symbol that is either attached to or logically associated with a contract or another record. The e-signature must be executed or adopted by a person with a clear intent to sign the record.

The ESIGN Act makes sure that e signature legally binding as an tangible evidence. They are legally viable options such as traditional signatures. In addition, the effect, validity, and enforce ability of electronic documents are not denied.

Even after the passing of this law, so many businesses do not understand the legality of electronic signatures. Many people who are doing their business wonder if they can ensure that electronically signed documents can be held up in a court of law.

In addition, the ESIGN Act is not the only enforceable regulation. Other than the ESIGN Act, the UETA or the Uniform Law Commission Act drafted in 1999 offers a legal framework for the use of electronic signatures per state.

The UETA Act helps in outlining the legalities of e-signatures relating to almost everything from transferable records to automated transactions and the retention of records.

The UETA has been officially adopted in many US states and the ones that haven’t adopted this act, have their own e-signature validating regulations. Both the ESIGN Act and the UETA grant electronic signatures the status of conventional or wet ink signatures in the United States.

Both of these acts establish any law with a signature requirement that can be satisfied with the help of an electronic signature. They also help electronically executed agreements to be presented as evidence in court.

In addition, they also prevent denial of enforce ability or validity of an electronically signed document only because it is in electronic form.

Why an e-Signature is More Secure than a Wet Signature?

1. Exceptional Level of Security

E-signatures have been enhanced by programmers and software designers via try (and, in some cases, literal) and error since their inception. They’ve now reached the stage where they’re nearly as safe as a wet signature.

Forgery can occur when documents are sent to a person’s home or workplace for signature. Copying someone’s handwriting is an art form, but copying someone’s initials on a multi-page legal document may be done with relatively little effort.

A lot of damage can be done before forgery is detected… and usually in costly court cases. Even if the deception is proven, time and money are wasted..

Tampering and forgery are exceedingly difficult with electronic signatures since they have several levels of protection.

2. Certificate of Completion

Another benefit of electronic signatures is the detailed completion certificate, which includes specific information about each signer on the document, such as consumer disclosures indicating that the signer agrees to use the electronic signature, signature images, key event timestamps, and the signer’s IP address and other identifying information.

3. Strengthen Staff and Client Relations

You want your company to keep running smoothly, but most of your employees are working remotely, and you can’t meet customers in person.

Internally, you still need to share sensitive files, and walking in the lobby to a colleague’s office is not an option.

Your customers still want to buy houses, cars, start construction projects, or complete acquisitions or mergers without unnecessary personal contact.

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By transforming your business practices into digital solutions such as electronic signatures, you will create a secure and efficient information and functional pipeline for your company.

Now, we can compare the difference between e signature and digital signature, and finally prove that electronic signature is the father of omnipotence.

Choosing the Right e Sign Provider to Securely Put Your Signature Online

While implementing the online signatures use, one must keep in mind that the level of e-signature security differs with the provider. Hence, it is important to choose an online signature platform that can offer great security and protection in each area of business.

The security measures should have physical security, platform security, and security certifications as well. This will ensure that all the electronic signatures are safe and carried out in a completely safe environment.

Conclusion – Is It Safe to Put Your Signature Online?

You must always remember that an effective electronic signature solution not only allows you to create a document and manage it effectively but it also enables to ensure easy management and quick processing of documents.

It will offer many searching tools while helping in finding old contracts. There is also a dashboard where you can find all the old contracts and sort them into pending, sent, or active contracts.

In case you are looking to streamline your business in a remarkably safe manner then an e-signature solution is right for you. It will ensure that put your signatures on the internet in a safe and legally compliant manner.